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Should You Be Watching The Charmed Reboot? | The New Darryl (Charmed [2018] S01E02) - At Up-Tube.com

Should You Be Watching The Charmed Reboot? The New Darryl (Charmed [2018] S01E02) 1 day ago   10:46

Kristen Maldonado
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The Charmed reboot follows three sisters—Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz), and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery)—who, after the death of their mother, discover they are powerful witches called The Charmed Ones. I breakdown season 1 of the Charmed reboot, including what worked and didn't work and how it compares to the original Charmed.

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I just want them to reference the original sisters or their kids. The show is ok but I will always like the original more. I will still watch the reboots season 2 because I'm genuinely interested in seeing what happens next. Hoping for cameos of the original cast.
Gregory House
I feel like this show was pretty damn bad. The most feminist character of the show is also the most unsufferable (Mel), and for a show with a male witch on the writing team, the fact that the show copied the first season of the original by having all male magic users but one, the whitelighter (Idk if Gavin counts as he is a human) being villains, something I thought would change in 2018, is annoying. It also seemed to me that throughout the season only women could be considered victims to be saved, the guy who was killed by the demon was just used for a 'adult virgin/incel' joke and they never took the time to clear Trip's name, and if I remember well most episodes had the theme 'men are evil and women are innocent victims'. It felt like the only reason there were female villains in the main myth arc was their writing themselves into a corner with having an all-female team of Elders.
Shadow yukiko
I liked it a bit because I haven’t seen the original show and btw the writing needs improvement
I'm sorry, but I disagree about the pacing being good. Everything was incredibly rushed, there was no time to catch your breath. Especially in the last episode, that was a season's worth of plot they threw in there. Halfway through the episode, they resolve the conflict of the week and from that point, the episode just keeps going and going... The Sarcana were pointless and that plot went nowhere, but under the rug. A lot of the feminist stuff seemed shoehorned and out of place. Like when the sisters were discussing a demon or something like that? And they call the demon (or whatever the plot of the week was) 'hysterical', so Harry goes like "Please, refrain from using such an anti-feminist term!". That was completely out of place and eyeroll-inducing. Or when this couple is making out at a frat party and Mel is like "Let's talk about rape culture!!!" to them. Or that time a demon impersonated their mother, and Harry was like "Girls, stop!" and the demon mom replied with "They're not girls! They're women!"
All of these things were just dropped unceremoniously, doing nothing to contribute to the plot or the dialogue. There are ways in which these things can be addressed in an organic way, which the show rarely did so.
And Maggie fires a light beam from her vagina, I mean come on...
Claire Higgins
New charmed is God awful I am completely annoyed by whiny characters , I did actually try to give it a chance and watched a lot of episodes, but this really is just bad. It really does give feminism a bad name and it's an insult to the original program
I really love harry in the reboot! I cried when he found out about his past and had to go back to real life and started crying on the front porch!
Costas Max
Grace 88
It's not perfect, but I'm hooked. I mean, they could be a lot more subtle with the messages(like let the audience understand it without outright saying it). I like the dynamic between the sisters and Harry. There's a decent plot and it doesn't take itself too seriously. 🙂
Gerardo Morissette
The answer is NO
Absolutely nothing like the original. Has no feel or atmosphere with cheesy lines and a very offensive stereotype in the English character.
Bill Keck
Best sister is Macy (Madeleine Mantock.) Ms Mantock is HOT and makes the whole show worthwhile.
How about a real SHOCKER for Season 2: Lesbian sister decides she's really straight! (TOO SHOCKING!)
I think one of the problems with the show is that it is in a fictional city, Hilltowne, Michigan which has no discernible history or culture. They should pick a real city with some real culture & history. Parts of Michigan were into logging which would add some real flavor and culture. The original logging culture tended to be White & French (from Canada) but also included Mexican (Hispanic) migrant workers. This could add a whole history & reason why they are Hispanic. And might link them to distant Aztec/Toltec culture!
What if they had a Black, WhiteLighter? (Or a White BlackLighter?)
I had to read the show notes to learn that they were supposed to be Hispanic and not just very light Black girls. What if they really adopted some Hispanic/Latino culture in the show? This goes back to their problem of the generic city with no culture.
The whole town & school is too generic! The original Charmed was in San Francisco, which is anything but generic! It had history & culture that could be part of the show!
If it's too inconvenient to change the name of the city, at least they could pick a real city with history & culture to model Hilltowne on.
Totally agree, rewatching it made so much sense. There was indeed more magic and use of the Book of Shadows. But yes, some of the villains were underused throughout the season. Hopefully new show runners keep momentum and are able to provide more depth to this characters and the sister's magical bond and history. Great videos, keep it up!
Paige Frantz
As a person with a P name, I’m sad that they changed the names. But this is cool and I’m gonna watch it.
wesley bevill
I liked the show. My only problem was them changing stories that have been around for almost 1000 years to fit the feminist ideals. Sirens were broken hearted women in Greek mythology. Medusa was a beautiful woman turned ugly because aphrodite was jealous not Poseidon raping her. I just flat out dont understand the obsession with making men look evil.
Erin Marie
I wasn't a fan of the idea of a reboot for Charmed. I watched the first episode and still had a hard time relating to the new girls when the original Charmed sisters where still in my head. But I gave it chance and I actually have to say that I like this newer version a heck of a lot more. I still like the original one but this one was more interesting and innovative than the original one. It's culturally up-to-date and really focuses on the power of women. I liked the diversity in the characters - even as a white chick here I totally related to the girls and their struggle with their identities and the different parts of their life challenges. Maggie is my favorite sister but obviously all three girls bring their own unique gifts, charms and talents.
Asia Howard
Way to fast paced
Anita Glover
Season 2 will be cancelled
Ryan Patterson
So I JUST finished season 1 of the reboot on Netflix and every episode just dragged on....and on...and then on some more. I kept wanting to stop but perhaps we can blame morbid curiosity for forcing me to finish the entire season. Naturally, any fan of the original won't be able to avoid comparing the two but I tried my best to disregard the "source material" and treat this like a new concept...and I failed miserably every episode. And for those of you who don't know, this show lacks originality in more ways than one. Even their house's exterior was previously used in the short lived series The Witches of East End (which was wonderful so I highly recommend it).

Now, I like to give credit where credit is due and there are select few "modernizations" to the reboot that I appreciate and value. From switching up their ethnicity/cultural background to having one of the sisters being a part of the LGBT community, this incarnation feels decidedly CURRENT. Commentary around race relations and sexism is very relevant in today's social and political climate and it's intimately woven into this story's fibers. I absolutely agree with you in regards to the Medusa storyline; that there can be these more complicated gray areas in between GOOD and EVIL and those are stories of conflict that I personally enjoy because they're the most relatable. And needless to say, the special effects of a 2019 show vs a 1998 show are unparalleled but they weren't ALL winners. I have to admit that I actually enjoyed some of the subtler effects from Season 1 of the original. But for every pro, the reboot, FOR ME, had a dozen cons.

First and foremost, one of the biggest problems is the pacing. What took SEASONS to develop in the original they kind of threw into a blender that was the pilot. **SPOILER WARNING** Everything from discovering they're witches, to mastering their powers to learning about (and embracing) their long lost sister, to meeting their white lighter, and meeting elders and dealing with demons, it all just happens way too quickly. I can't help but feel that the writers are banking on the fact that many of the viewers are fans of the original and know the ins and outs of the source material therefore they don't have to try as hard to tell the story as thoroughly and effectively. It's as if they expect you to fill in the blanks utilizing what you know about the original, which is a shame and a complete disservice to a new generation of viewers. In the original, it took them almost the entire first season to master their powers; same can be said of when they met Paige, their long lost sister; it was essentially a multi-episode story-arc that fleshed out that story and explored them getting to know their new sister. In this one, they've known Macy for all of 5 minutes and basically put her name on the deed to the house and add her to their cellular family plan...

Secondly, I feel there is next to NO chemistry amongst the sisters. The dynamic of the original 3 actresses FELT like a genuine sisterhood to me whereas I don't believe these 3 young women to be remotely related...ok, maybe they're second cousins at best...and on the note of "young women", that's another major issue I have with this version. For some reason, having the sisters a little bit older made for a more "realistic", grounded storyline in terms of lifestyle, careers, interpersonal relationships, but having them so young just makes it implausible that they'd have a house (and wardrobe) like that. Shannon Doherty once lamented that she felt the original was a show for kids and I never really agreed with that; the irony is THIS version feels intended for pre-teens and definitely felt like a juvenile viewing experience...accept maybe we should disregard the fact that the youngest sister is 19, VERY sexually active (I'm no prude so good for her) and really LOVES to drink...last time I checked, the legal drinking age in Michigan is still 21...

Thirdly, it's clearly the little sister of 'Supernatural' that none of us ever wanted. A part of what made the original so great was a focus on their sisterhood and their "witchy" duties were somewhat a secondary story. This show forces the supernatural storyline down our throats...Sloppy writing. Predictable one liners. Painfully acted scenes. Ridiculous additions such as weapons stored in an ornate, picturesque room completely hidden from them for 20+ years...I actually laughed at the episode where you learn about Macy's favorite show from the 90's where the goal was to poke fun at the silliness of shows of that era i.e Charmed, Buffy, Angel and later, Supernatural...the irony is that the ridiculousness only seems mirrored in their OWN show vs all the predecessors...

Truthfully, I feel bad for these 3 young women because I see great potential in their acting capabilities but you simply can't do anything with bad writing...sadly, they are going to have to be the 3 faces of a painful butchering of a cult classic and the ones really to blame are the "creative minds" behind it. I don't think the power of the 3 is going to set them free from more of these poor reviews and the show should have been vanquished as soon as the they wrapped season 1...

I think it would have been a much smarter decision to not reboot, retell, or reincarnate. Similar to Gilmore Girls, pick up current day, just 1 season where we get to revisit the Halliwel family and see where things have lead after we last saw them. In truth, their kids would be roughly the ages of Macy, Mel and Maggie and we would already have the emotional investment into those characters right out of the gate. It also would have been a wonderful opportunity to give the gift we waited seasons for and that would be seeing Prue AT LEAST one more time...

I will play devil's advocate for a moment and argue that the original started to lose it's way as the show progressed. It definitely had some downright silly, campy storylines and concepts. But at the end of the day, it still maintained its "charm".

Now, being the loyalist that I am, I will inevitably watch the next installments of the show to see where they take the storyline because some times a show take a while to get it's footing but I have few hopes for this reboot.
Hey Kristen, do you think that they are going to change The Elders around to a counsel of many types of magical beings instead of just being witches? I feel this may be why they decided to kill them all off. Now they can possibly explain how Elders are made.
Tonfa Master
It took me a while to sit down and watch it. However when it appeared on Netflix I decided to give it a try. It took about 6 episodes before I really started to like the show. I'm all for the original, the reboot is cool though
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The New Darryl (Charmed [2018] S01E02) Should You Be Watching The Charmed Reboot? 1 day ago   05:06

The women (not girls) find themselves in a Liar Liar situation. Meanwhile, we continue to dive deep into Macy's heritage. Did their mother sell her for drug money? It's just like Brexit.

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