Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make 22 Ideas That Prove Paper 5 months ago   11:41

Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD
Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD
Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD

How To Make An Origami Crane HD HD

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Mikedoespapercraft YT
Cool car! But for the car in the thumbnail, here is the video:
Trent Chung
Not HD it's 3D
richard lewis
Get the camera the right way and the car is not the same as the thumbnail
kimberly nicole romo vinalay
i do not speak spanish
mohit kumar
siddiq khan
Not nice
Renee Lee
아 영상보다 답답 지 손으로 다 가리고있네
Mr.BlackNoobs EPIC PARTY
Good car anyway but weird ending
Mr.BlackNoobs EPIC PARTY
Click bate :*(
Razak Sorathiya
He not do the same picture
veena kangeti
Satyajit Chavan
Your father see such type of car??
Vanshika Tanwar
Please explain the steps too!
Shobha but
Very bad and idiet

Delan Ismail
Trash go get a real life msaaaaaaaaddhhn
Bogdana Nekrasova
Way too unclear, I can't see what he's doing because the papers too small and there are no clear instructions👎😡 so frustrating
Leon Chen
AK unlimited hack and art
nice it is helpfully
Adididuda {unicorn in disguise}
What an ABOMINATION THAT was. Omg wth I couldn’t even tell what they were doing half the time my god they didn’t show the camera ANYTHING and went WAAAYYYY too fast.
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22 Ideas That Prove Paper Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make 5 months ago   12:01

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