Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make 22 Ideas That Prove Paper 11 months ago   11:41

Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD
Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD
Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make Origami Car HD

How To Make An Origami Crane HD HD

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Bhilangna Kaur
very very blurry, your hand is covering everything and i cant tell what is going on!
The Rose Yara
مين عربي ومن ٢٠١٩
Lalo die Eule
Which size is it in centimeter
K Mr.
너무 어려워요. 그리고 힘들어요!!!!!
Rekha gaur
Not very good
Ayrton Sia
How did you make that car thats so hard
efrain dominguez
toma pizza y chocolate cuesta un like
Geetanjali Karan
K Vasudevan
not an expense for petrol
Anastasha Rodriguez
Wrong car cuz that’s not what it looked like on the pic
Anastasha Rodriguez
Can u slow down cuz it’s pretty confusing plz SLOW DOWN : l
Rich Falcione
Are you showing us so we can make it? Or are you showing us that only you can make it??👎
andy serge germitus
muy bueno
Fluffy Pandaas
Thanks so much😁😁, Maybe in your next video, put the camera more close because i couldn't really see what to do later on in the video. Thanks so much anyways!
Lol HD or mabye not!!!
Alexis Richard
omg its not the same car and its so fast! I got frustrated and found a different video because I can barely even see what's going on. :C
Laura Hervouet
heu .... ou sont les francais ?
Parashuram Thambaday
Parasuram thmday
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22 Ideas That Prove Paper Origami Car Origami Paper How To Make 11 months ago   12:01

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