I broke my wife's phone. Doh! BELLAGIO, ITALY • Before is was a casino, 6 months ago   01:21

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This is what happens when you combine drinking and throwing iPhones. Sorry Mel!

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Chris Helms
Buy a Huawei P8 for less then half the price as the iPhone
If was at that moment, Zane knew he fucked up..

Pretty cool she didn't get too upset about it. Some would have flipped their lid over something so trivial.
Mike Billups
I love you Zane, that was a dumbass move...
Beauty Le
LOVE your videos. HAte that theyre so short :(
Jeff and Jordan TV
So funny...we love your videos.
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BELLAGIO, ITALY • Before is was a casino, I broke my wife's phone. Doh! 6 months ago   06:38

Today Mel and I take a boat from Lake Como to Bellagio. We explore the Melzi Gardens and walk around rest of the town where it was rather tempting to stop for wine. Como is a major manufacturer of silk so we stopped by a lot of silk shops while looking around too. The ferry situation to get back was a LITTLE complicated (my bad(s)) but we finally made it out of there and got to our hotel in Tremezzo. Next stop, Switzerland!