50 Days to no-deal Brexit | DW News Furious Brexiter Admits To James 1 day ago   04:46

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Only a day ahead of new Brexit talks between the EU and Theresa May, European Council President Tusk vented his frustration over Brexit - by saying British eurosceptic politicians deserved a "place in hell".
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Valentin Condeescu
Give them another 365 that are too lazy
Frustration in Brussels???? London is frustrated with the unelected old men of the EU too.
Weird Programme. This programme comes across very low budget and amateur like.
A lot of anti Brit hate on this thread. To oppose Brexit is to oppose democracy and sovereignty. We will out and in a few short years the eu will implode.
Rara Zest
Brexiteers made the british people the most unpopular citizens in Europe and this will probably not so easy to overcome. I have the impression from the british i have asked about the Brexit that the votum devided the UK and will provoke the breakup in three independent Countries England, Scotland and a united Ireland. I hope for a new referendum and refined pro European british politics after that. But it is not likely to happen I'm afraid.
rameez raja
Britain thinks it still has the Empire! See, how to spite the EU Britain summoned 58 Commonwealth leaders to a meaningless summit as a show of strength. But it did not cut any ice even when all 58 brown and black leaders of the Commonwealth stood up grinning like apes and gorillas in captivity when the senile members of that fake royal family came shuffling in! The PMs and Presidents were kept standing like trained dogs for 15 minutes while the fake royal family straightened their hair and skirts and crotches before they made their entry. Some of them even walked in the opposite direction as they were so senile! Makes one laugh! Britain is now ranked no 6 in terms of GDP in the world pecking order. It is behind India which has recently overtaken it. India is the third largest economy in terms of purchasing power behind only China and America and yet Britain still thinks it can call the shots. It is a third rate power now and your butt hurts. That is why it wanted to leave the EU in a fit of arrogance. You are in decline. You are old and senile and a pensioner now. Accept that as a nation. To ease the pain have cannabis it is legal now and after that Heroin no 4. It is available on E Bay and Amazon
rameez raja
Three countries whom Britain in the past either despised bombed to smithereens or bled white, Ireland Germany and India are now controlling Britains destiny! Germany dominates the EU and calls the shots there and Ireland has an Indian Prime Minister so at one go all three countries will have their revenge. Serves Britain right for having treated all three countries with such colonial contempt. Now, who is begging for mercy? han????
Willie van het Kerkhof
She is a frustrated witch, destroying the democracy.
we are leaving



Faisal Swati
Uk is grate rich country EU they don't have nothing belive me if game is over without deal EU will banging they need deal democracy we vote leave there is no further way uk should be independent know not follow EU shadow
Faisal Swati
Brexit mean we want diavorse from EU
MSW 2015
Leave means leave. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 350,477 MBGA
Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn't it. She'll have you for breakfast too.
Andy Web
Hard BREXIT is the only way we can run a clean experiment for the benefit of other EU countries thinking about referendums.
Sean Sean
Praying for a hard Brexit. You'll soon see Germany shitting themselves not us.
monika soraj
He is clear. Diplomatic talk is over. It is no deal or deal which is on the table. Up to you?
monika soraj
I wonder what Brits will say about Brexiters once their living standards go down and they start to feel what Brexiters is all about. Very interesting.
Are we gonna talk about how the royal family is being prepared to evacuate because of this? What a mess...
richard murphy
Brexiers get what they want probably not what they really really want
John Brighton
No Sleep - Tll BREXIT !!!
John Doe
This Brexit is becoming "curiouser and curiouser" .
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Furious Brexiter Admits To James 50 Days to no-deal Brexit | DW News 1 day ago   05:07

An angry Leave voter admitted "I don't know what I'm talking about" before accusing James O'Brien of having God Complex.

Following Donald Tusk's controversial "special place in hell" comments, James was asking the people who voted for Brexit which plan they voted for.

Mike called in from Cambridge to answer him and the call got more and more heated.

After James picked up several inaccuracies in what Mick said, the caller commented: "Don't blame me for what the media tells me. It's not our job to keep our finger on the pulse.

"So don't turn around and say to me I don't know what I'm talking about.

"Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about. With the limited facts I have, I do know what I'm talking about."

James responded: "Yes - and I've given you more facts. So why are you angry with me?"

Mick then demanded one final question: "Look up on Wikipedia the definition of God Complex. I wonder who that relates to?"

James ended the call asking: "Is it people who think they are God?"

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