PUTTING 500 BATH BOMBS IN A LEGO Lego Hulk School Fail 1 week ago   10:58

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Riley Gaming
Don’t try this at home!

Try it at a friends house!
David Klammer
Nah I think Yungyplaysroblox and poke is a better youtuberLOL
Conner Ling
make a lego car.
Valeria Flores
Omg that so cool
There no way a LEGO house. Can live 7 hurricanes and a tornado
Finn Fun Channel
Pause it at 5:04 exactly
What you came for minute 5:20
I think I can have some likes 😀😀😀
Brandon Aguirre
1:06 =911
Johan Scherno
Do a castle out of legos
nikki chambers
How did you get on the roof? That’s crazy! :(
Really that is
Plz stop don’t do that just done
Grace Horton
Build a LEGO car!!!!
Jacarre Scott
FTC is not
Ms. avocado
I’m sure his neighbors loved this.
KooKooGaming07 Yt
Your bath bomb have toy we don’t
"I sPEnT 705$ ONbAtHBomBs"' and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii spent 7.50$ :D
Andrea Shiflett
Video something unspeakable of 2008 cats
Maskedpanda 42
Unspeakable a.k.a one man war
Sam Bugter
1:53 get SHREKT scrub ur time here is OGRE
Buck August
a horse builded out of legos
CS:GO Force Rush!
WHO else thought that was a real airplane 2:12
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Lego Hulk School Fail PUTTING 500 BATH BOMBS IN A LEGO 1 week ago   11:37

Lego Hulk School Fail. Funny Lego animation for children.