Non-Invasive Brain Surgery 4 Revolutionary Riddles 2 days ago   07:56

Scientists have combined ultrasound, viruses and synthetic drugs to control regions of the brain.
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Special thanks to Prof. Mikhail Shapiro and Dr. Jerzy Szablowski:

Human brains are complicated - the most complicated thing in the known universe, many people say. So far we understand little - just that certain regions of the brain appear to be involved in certain activities and certain disorders. In extreme cases this has led to the practice of removing sections of the brain, or using electrodes or optical fibers to control activation rates. What is unique about this approach is it offers a way to turn on and off specific brain regions without invasive surgery. It has promise because it combines existing technologies: micro-bubbles, ultrasound, synthetic viruses, and synthetic drugs to achieve this goal.

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Hendrik S.
He is so excited to present his research :) Very interesting topic.
Thomas Autengruber
Humans and their thrive for progress are a truly fascinating species!
Jacob Opstad
That's amazing!
Tobias Knudsen
7 tesla? that's a pretty hefty field bro :D
Look at those nostrils
i have a felling that tells me they will make zombies
M Koivuka
M Koivuka
You should do an episode on the Gamma Knife.
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo
His nose is forcing him to smile
i swear i keep hearing halo reach music throughout the video
Eliane Souza
Dr Derek you are gorgeous
VCuber X
non invasive amnesia
Ben Shapiros brother
Wish this kind of thing was available to all who have had brain damage. I had a close friend who's son fell 4stories at a young age and lived years with the damage. Unfortunately he passed at the age of 12.
med K2
Is this ben's relative 😅
Haroon G.C
Just wonderful 👌🏻👍🏻
I'm wondering why you would want to develop something that stops people from being able to form new memories...
I am a medical student dreaming to become a neurosurgeon and this is so intersting to me. I will follow with extreme interest every progress of this research. I took many notes listening this scientist and so many ideas are flowing in my head now :D

Thank You!
P.S.: excuse my english, I am italian xD
Remco Muntendam
This is a fantastic business model!
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4 Revolutionary Riddles Non-Invasive Brain Surgery 2 days ago   04:24

Can you solve these four rotation-related riddles?
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I came across these four physics puzzles over the years in discussions with Neil deGrasse Tyson (riddle 4: which part(s) of a moving train are going backwards with respect to the ground?), Simon Pampena (riddle 2: run around a track twice, the first time slowly, the second time much faster so that the average for the two laps is twice the speed of the first lap). Someone tweeted me a video of the mystery cylinder rolling down the ramp in riddle 1 (sorry I'm not sure who it was). Riddle three about a bicycle going forward or backward when it's bottom peddle is pulled back was brought to me by a number of people and I appreciate all of their help!

Filmed by Raquel Nuno.
Thanks to everyone at the Palais de la Decouverte! I've had this footage for five years and am only finally releasing it now. I wanted to talk about the way grass grows on a spinning turntable but I couldn't locate the footage...