327 10:1 108 Erson Cam Performance Engines 2 months ago   01:09

327 Chevy 10:1 Compression 108 Erson Cam, 2.02 186 Fuelie Heads.

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Gbody Cutlass
Is it the exhaust that makes it sound like crap? It could be because I'm viewing this on my cell phone. Anyway, what a gorgeous engine!!👍
swx 123
Yes fallow the ond formats .....stock pistons....then since it has 202 heads try this put the small journal rods and just try it have them made to fit the journal sizes it's widths and it's of lengths of its roundness....then let's give it a devideing line d effense the rod but then the standard small journal rods length with the walls subtraction u see the 202s are made for the small journal in certin ways bartering the big journal with smaller heads in some formats now I'm chasing down a new cemesrty with big crank and bigger heads with h standard d effense will make certin power bit with more friction and stress of tentions on the valves of combustion compression. So I want to give the big journal crank the devideing line and the walls subtraction and the smaller rods of the small journals lengths and strokes and decombust the compression. With the big journal crank and see what the r pms do the final horsepower enginernce then where gonna drag the cam clock wise then counter clock wise deffense the offense re durarate it it's duraration then the durarated duraration of it and the durarated duraration of the eternal insides of its team's of its parts that make offense and d effense of offense and d effense then what makes offense and d effense that builds the cominations to cominate components to help drag and re durarate the duraration of the dragence of the cam...use roller rockers the 600 edelbrock....standered d effense time and chain then build all d effense of offense for the main factor of offense into the blueprint then chase down all the specs of offense and d effense create the formats stratigies and the cominated cominations of every side of the team's that inner change and play one side but another with another part and another side of a part. Then go for the easier deadvanced timing of its degreezes of its settings of its clock wise or counter clock wise rotation. As u find the Correct point to where deffense finds the timing light on the harmonic balincer with its timeing engagement of its timeing meckignizum....then gather the all harmonic ballencers in a huddle from the grain then use a deffense certin size one witch the sizes will matter as it cominates with all blueprints and certin cranks to see witch ones do what in low mid and high progressions
swx 123
Gotta love the big joural...even if it's the non favorite....its special in its own way cause u gotta k ow how to battle the small journal
Juan Garcia
cam help ? got a 355 c.i.d. chevy 1981 camaro may get an isky or erson TQ20 or 30, or 40 etc. was also looking at summit and comp cams. igot oversized mopar lifters with a center oiling hole. beehive springs and a rev kit. lifter bores are oil channelled. the reason iwas looking at these cams are the easier ramp rates with high duration versus lift because ihave a 12:01 static compression and only fully ported stage4 vortec heads that iwas going to plumb direct to head cooling. block has priority main oiling. and there is only a cast crank in it right now, 6.2" Ibeams and hyper 1.06" pistons everything weight balanced and polished down to weight. arp rod bolts. comp pushrods may have to resize did have a 292 cam before rebuild. also looking at roller cams, but don't know what to do about lifter bores maybe add sleeves unless they have some roller lifters in mopar width. trans is a trans go stage II full manualTH350 with koelene steels with race band and extra clutches in machined sunshell. 2500stall dont know what it shall actually stall at yet. not a good 1000 dollar converter just a normal budget one. with 12:01 static and stock crank ican afford to lose a minoot amount of torque just a little, hence the easier ramp rates. dont want to bust the block or snap the crank. this is pump gas, off the foot brake, and daily driven. stock corporate 10 bolt positraction 3.73 right now but can change gears. any help from anyone on just the right cam would be cool.
What is the part number of that cam
roger w
That sounds nice. Good job Man. I have a 300 HP 327 out of a 66 impala that I would like build up .
Juan Ortega
Do a burn out bro fuck how it sounds
Juan Ortega
Had one fast at the start slow on the long run
stephen moore
Love the way it sounds
Dave's Radio Repair
Yes definitely keep that in a lightweight car then it will run great since they are short stroke. My friend has a 289 in his 65 Stang running mid 10s and his friend runs a 289 in his probe running in the 9s. Short stroke motors are bad ass.
Dave's Radio Repair
What cam are you using ?
Mr.rm250 Rodney Lynn
Wow that sound brought back some memories! 👍good stuff!
Davey Summers
I need that for my boat
Francisco Huerta
did u used 1.6 rr or got new 1.5s?
m schiffel
Thanks for the reply...Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Steve Perez
I wish I had a 327 over my zz4350 :/
Deidre Rotschy
My great Grandpa was Sig Erson!:)
mike Harris
Only thing ima say is pull up beside my 85 cutlass with that 454 in it. Dude I'm a make you blow ya headz g. Promise💰💵💴💸
im jizzin fershizzle
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