The Pink Floyd Tribute Show Journey Greatest Hits - Best 3 weeks ago   2:19:36


00:00:00 Show Intro;
00:03:25 Shine On You Crazy Diamond;
00:17:35 Learning To Fly;
00:23:05 High Hopes;
00:31:25 Welcome To The Machine;
00:38:45 Mother;
00:46:40 Pig (Three Different Ones);
00:59:15 Echoes;
01:21:15 Time;
01:28:15 The Great Gig In The Sky;
01:34:05 Wish You Were Here;
01:39:10 One Of These Days;
01:46:15 Nobody Home;
01:49:40 Us And Them;
01:58:40 The Happiest Day Of Our Live;
02:00:15 Another Brick In The Wall (part2);
02:07:10 Band Introductions;
02:08:40 Comfortably Numb;

Damian Darlington - Musical Director, guitar, lapsteel and vocals
Ian Cattell - Bass guitar, vocals
Bobby Harrison - Guitar, vocals
Rob Stringer - Keyboards, vocals
Rick Benbow - Keyboards
Arran Ahmun - Drums
Carl Brunsdon - Saxophones, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards, clarinet
Emily Jollands - Vocals
Amy Smith - Vocals and percussion
Jacquie Williams - Vocals
Ola Bienkowska - Vocals

Brit Floyd

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ed nic
Классика... И более не чего сказать...
fm3. fm3.
Lo hacen muy bien.
Jürgen Schmidt
Предпочитаю слушать оригинал, остальное фальшивое подобие!!!!
You have to hand it to them, this music is perfect. These are extremely talented people who have created an amazing show.
Ruslan Petrenko
Вот, что надо слушать, а не то, что нынешняя молодежь. Настоящая музыка. Я, и много других, только на такой музыке выросли. Слушаешь, аж мурашки по коже. Просто кайф.
m. Martinez
m. Martinez
Michael Suder
Why is it that even anyone who do the correct bends,tone and whammy still don't get the Gilmour sound? It seems he just can't be replicated
Luis 1o C J Silva
Sim tem sim e de OZ ainda rssss.
Musica de qualidade e presença........
Farhad Guli
10:50 😍😔
As classic artists start dying off, I'm glad there are those who enjoy the music of bands like Pink Floyd enough, to want to reproduce the music for years to come. I like to think there will still be groups playing Floyd, et al, in a hundred years from now. Just like orchestras still play Mozart and Bach today.
Michael Miles
I freaking do not like these tribute shows. Just copy some other bands work and make money from it. It does not matter how good they are doing it they should not be doing it.
José Cláudio Faria
Дмитрий Калин
Ребята молодцы, все по уму, это не кавер, просто пацаны молодчаги. Заказал на похороны хэй ю
Christian Mauger
Pink Floyd tout simplement des Génies
Mario Grenon
Best ever tribute show to Pink Floyd
Df G
Tai kaip Mocartas,Grygas Šostakovič is klasika -amžiams , Forever
Df G
Büvome kartu Kaune Žalgirio arenoje, David-o trüko, ,bet ir be jo buvo suuuuper
Peace Forever
God bless next generation Pink Floyd !!!
Сергей Орешкин
Сколько лет их музыку слушаю столько наслаждаюсь. Это просто КАЙФ.Они не с мира сего!!!
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Journey Greatest Hits - Best The Pink Floyd Tribute Show 3 weeks ago   2:13:01

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Journey Greatest Hits - Best Songs of Journey (HQ)
Journey Greatest Hits - Best Songs of Journey (HQ)