We Had The WHOLE DRAG STRIP To Ourselves! Street Racers SHUT DOWN 2 days ago   49:09

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Comments 1444 Comments

Brian Nazario
40lb if boost and 40 degrees of timing - James... lollll
edwin van oers
love the prelude . hondaru is my favorite boosted boiz car
edwin van oers
ow man about 30 minutes in the video the hondaru is making a pass..the look in emilio's eyes its so grand
Boosted Boiz ! Spell check keeps changing the spelling. I haven’t caught it up till now. Sorry. You guys kill it!
Jimbo Jerry
You haven't fooled with the j series motors yet. All h and k mostly. Which I love lol. But I'd like to see that 2nd gen odyssey with the j motor and 6 speed swap it. I'm pretty sure that was your original odyssey plan. And you still have it;)
Josh Avino
U going to race ur hatch again
Nick Seng
Easy there dnt give her too much lol 😂
Montana Made
Does Cletus realize that every time he opens his mouth real car guys know hes full of shit?
Cracka Clips
Actually a 49:09 minute Special
10dogs blue
Your brother is a cop , I live my life one quarter mile at a time bro.
Tech NO City
Watch out for Chupe!!!! Chupacabra
Prelude vs Hatch
Ismael Marrero
This video was fun to watch things started out a little shaky but little by little you boosted boiz figure out some off the problems the cars had and they made some good pases not as good as they can run but it's a start congratulations you had a lots off thing not go your way but you never gave up and made thing happen and the most important thing was seeing all you boys come together and find solutions to the problems that came your way like I said before this was a fun video to watch keep up the good work .
Lauchlan Waters
Love that prelude fucking off tap givrs me motivation to finish my 5g
Stephen Stenger
Poor Emilio's face u can tell Everytime he shift's he's waiting for something to brake lol
Stephen Stenger
Damn Kyle u was getting it boy hell yeah that fucker was ripping
diego aguilera
🔥🔥🔥 so much boost
electron being
Damn that roadkill guy was gay
I'm not a honda guy but watching few guys with great attitude having fun at drag strip while facing and solving some problems is bound to be entertaining. Watched whole video and liked it a lot.
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Street Racers SHUT DOWN We Had The WHOLE DRAG STRIP To Ourselves! 2 days ago   13:14

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