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Kathy Sinnott, autism Mom/Advocate visits with the team in Cork, Ireland about vaccines and her life as a mother to her 39 year old autistic son.

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The Way
Screw you - YouTube and your Wikipedia propaganda!!!
Mc Hobbit
Oh my god...this makes me think. Age 3, 4, 5 and 6, I was advanced. I could read and the Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher was so pleased with how well I could write. I was on track for math. Then age 6, the summer before 2nd grade, I got booster shots. Within a year, I stopped completely fell behind my peers in math. The reports (which I still have) say that my handwriting was bad, my spelling was bad, that I would/could not focus on lectures in class or my work. 5th grade, they decided that the problem was that I was too young (born towards the end of the year, so one of the youngest in class) and made me do the year again. Even my reading got worse. I started guessing words and wasn't able to read stories I could read a year ago. By 12/13, I had recovered my handwriting, spelling and reading ability. Unfortunately, I still cannot do math but it was decided that yes, I was simply too young and I can't do math because of a combination of laziness and that just not being my thing (later turned out to be a disability, but I was 16 by then). But I found a 1st grade worksheet and that cursive was so neat and perfect...then the books at seven, eight, nine. Completely different. The same story she is telling. No, nothing was going on in my family at the time and if I was simply too young, why didn't that become apparent in the 1st grade . I never thought that this too could be related to vaccines.
Anne Illerbrun
21:17....they're covering up how many people with mild autism can easily become psychopathic killers. I can name quite a few who obviously have/had asperger's.
Miss. Maverick
I have autoimmune disease, most people in my family do, my brother struggles with anxiety and OCD... I think we were extremely lucky and we're still sick.
Smart lady right there. She gets it. God bless her and her children.
Jeannie Spinner
I have a grandson that has had all his vaceens up to the chickenpox, & I saw him go through a virtual reaction with my husband, like a possible small seizure, were his eyes were directed to the left side of his head, very strange action of the abnormal, but he pulled out of it, so we let it go, now I have been against the vaceens sence, now he's two & half, but I've been asking my daughter to find a Doctor that will understand, & support us, just so scary to have to think something damaging could happen if you do vaccinate, & if you don't..., although he has never been sick... So jusy so scared for him...
Lynn Thomas
She mentioned Michael Reese Hospital. My siblings and I were born there. So were my two nieces.
My 3 children are unvaccinated and all 3 are very healthy.
Why are the vaccinated children so sick, so much in pain. Most can't read or write.
Most vaccinated kids have dozens of symptoms that destroy they family trying
to care for all these sick, sick, children.  

Most vaccinated families suffer divorces 3X as often as unvaccinated families.

We each must run for office in 2020 against mandatory vaccines.

I am running. Are you. If so, let me know & I will publicize your campaign

on my sites.

911. The key photo.

The front gate camera had a convex lens , fish eye lens, for security,
but which the image is digitally, corrected, i.e., made flat
you can clearly see it is a 757. Not a missile.
Study the difference between a convex & a concave lens.

As a USN body guard for President Kennedy,
I met JFK & talked to him at Andrew AF base.
I believe Geo HW Bush, Howard Hunt & Frank Sturgis, the 3 tramps
arrested in the UP RR box car shot JFK 5 X, thru the freeway sign.
See the 8 photo of Bush, Hunt & Sturgis shooting JFK 5X.

Bush was asked, "Where he was when heard JFK had been killed?"
A. "I can't remember."

Youtube paul8kangas

Bernie Sander for Prez. & Paul Kangas for VP, 2020.
The CDC says vaccines are safe. In the 1950's, the CDC told us cigarrettes were safe. Learn your history folks or you're doomed to repeat it.
Diane Bingham
Why did your father physician, not investigate more? Plus they forced a Measles vaccine in a child that has had Measles?!
Diane Bingham
He was exposed to Measles already, and they made him get a Measles vaccine!?
Diane Bingham
Was anyone at all familiar with Mothering Magazine from the 7Os 80s and 90s? Front Cover .. Vaccines and Autism. Mercury in Vaccines! Aborted Fetal...etc. About twice per year this info would be large and clear on the front cover. What a glorious magazine. Im sure it saved at least one of my kids!
eugenics, pure and simple.
Valerie Griner
Boy...she hit ALL of the major points...population control, transhumanism, autism in the military, Israel, and other BIG topics....all TRUE.
Valerie Griner
She shouldn't have come to the U.S. We are the world headquarters of all that is EVIL...like Monsanto, Big Pharma, Big Ag/chemicals/GMO's/Bill Gates, chemtrails, fluoridated water, etc. My father was also an M.D. and he vaccinated the hell out of his 4 kids (and gave us boosters, too, and lots of antibiotics). He trained at a ZIONIST medical school. The U.S. has the most ILL, obese, drug-ridden population in the entire world. As for the flu shot....it is GENOCIDE.
Eliza Kolak
This video made me cry. My daughter only had vitamin K at birth (I refused Hep B), but had many of these episodes where she stopped breathing. I was always told how she shouldn't sleep with me and I was putting her in so much danger but at least 4 very serious and a number of less serious times she stopped breathing in my arms at night. We were struggling with breast feeding but sticking with it at the time. I did just that, I sat with her on my chest until I was so exhausted I couldn't stay awake anymore...fearing she'd have another episode.
I know this lady here in Ireland and she has done more for disabled children than any other plus she is a real lady. Lots of us could sit back undisturbed and not fight but people like her and Dr Ratner saved peoples lives. Also it is so true about confidence, I have not had much aggro over my decision to not vaccinate and speak with confidence every time and the professionals back off. Why? because they know so dam little themselves that if you quoted 3 studies or facts on vaccine danger they are immediately intimidated. Have a little knowledge in your back pocket for situations like this...google insertional mutogenesis , basically the fragments of the aborted babies dna is still in the live vaccine for which it is used, it leads to childhood leukemia.
Michael DeMarco
It is amazing to me that a parent or parents who actually find out what actually happened to their previously healthy baby, who suddenly took a turn for the worst shortly after a series of vaccine injections, that those same parents would actually take matters in their own hands, because they know that the CDC, FDA, AMA, FBI, CIA, the local Police Departments, the local hospitals, the local clinics, their own doctors and nurses, the lawyers, the Judicial System have been all corrupted by Evil Big Pharma, and those same parents decided to become their own judge, jury, and ______ , to those educated and professional criminals who actually and intentionally injured or murdered their innocent and healthy babies, toddlers, etc. for mainly profits, bonuses, and kickbacks from the evil and disgusting Vaccine Industries, and to finally try to put a stop to this medical madness and legalized and profitable genocide on this planet Earth.
Anni Bridgett
What a beautiful mum.🌷🌺
Annie Klas Marsden
Bless your heart and soul! Thank you.
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This mother tells the story of her family's fight to spread the word about vaccines and the injury to her daughter, Jasmine.