Rita Ora Couldn’t Get Into Gordon World’s Biggest Music Stars 11 months ago   01:17

The Jonathan Ross Show
Rita Ora was turned away from a Gordon Ramsay restaurant for not complying with the dress code.

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Martin Davies
Why would he fire them just because they didn't leave her in.....
Itsme Yepitsme
You end up leaving hungry anyway i wouldn’t go again and they didn’t cook my steak medium like I requested it was almost rare
Luke Reddyhough
im sorry but walking in randomly to a restaurant that normally takes many weeks to book for AND wearing bullshit tracksuits come on dont be . daft love your never getting in!
Haider Safraz
Rita could wear a bin bag swear down she's welcome to my house for dinner
Bane o
Rita.. a beautiful lady...
You guys are laugh at this but I got into a strip club once wearing fucking joggers hahaha when everyone needs to be smart and shit I was laughing my asss offf that night hahahah
Wtf was the point of that if she doesn't tell him which one?
ramsey thinks that cutting up things and heating them with salt and pepper is the most important thing in the world,guys a millionare for doing this shit,
Ayaan Ibrar
She is welcomed to my bed any time
Mahfuz Sheikh
Gordon wants to know which one so he can praise the security guy for doing his job. Dont care if its rita ora or beyonce, you wear the part in a fine dining place
who the fuck is that girl?
Bernie Kennedy
Whahaha she fancies big GR🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Maybe it was one of those places with a "No stinky skanks!" sign in the window.
cultfigure 22
Feel sorry for that Couch having those 3 sat on it
Jade Welch
Do you know what, good on her not wanting to get them in trouble! Because I don’t know if I’d care if they got in trouble or not lol.
Ann Osman
She's a really nice person.. we need more ppl like her.. she knew it was her mistake and own up to it.. some ppl these days wouldn't think twice of putting the blame on another person..
Faruk Ahmed
Godd damm I love British accents
Paul Duckett
A fucking trackie? Fuck off.
Stoffer Bladt
Rita aint snitchin
Oneman Oneman
Fucking sickaphants pathetic and Ramsey is a wanker.
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World’s Biggest Music Stars Rita Ora Couldn’t Get Into Gordon 11 months ago   08:26

Are there any musicians you'd like to see on the famous red sofa?

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