People Who Found Their Dirty The Dirty Van Artist 1 day ago   02:55

People Who Found Their Dirty Cars Turned Into Piece Of Art

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S p a g L e t t i e
Yo this proboynick has got some *t a l e n t*
Jim D
Are there any with owner reactions?
Its the same persone It says proboynick on each one???
Llama Momma
all of these are box trucks, not cars
Mustafa Mohammed
It’s by the same person
Troll Nub Hub
Why is there a proboynick written on every single car???,
Mikasa Ackerman
I notice there all from proboynick
Title should have been "vehicles", not cars, only 1 was a car.
Who is ProBoyNick???🤔you
Who tf is pro boy nick? Why does he vandalize so much?
Tate Sayers
ALL of these pictures were made by “ProBoyNick”
linda chandler
I would love to find something cute on my car 😃
Navdeep Bajaj
Doge Jr
did anyone notice every single picture was signed "pro boy nick"?
monster gagantua
How is this possible?... But your videos are still awesome! Scoop is the best!
Babubhai chovatia
Pro boy Nick the best
brayden k de
Thay all say proboynick
Thicc Schnitzel
and here i am...
I can't swim i can't dance and i don't know karate
amazing, like it
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The Dirty Van Artist People Who Found Their Dirty 1 day ago   02:55

In Moscow, Russian Artist Nikita Golubev aka Pro Boy Nick uses dirt to create artworks on vans, trucks & cars.

This artist creates works of art on the sides of dirty vans and cars at the end of winter when the snow melts and makes everyone's vehicles dirty.

He signs his artwork Pro Boy Nick, but his real name is Nikita Golubev.

Nikita does not do this style of artwork for money or advertising, it’s more about a unique opportunity to have a bit of fun and stretch his artistic muscles.

Most pictures take less than an hour to create, and he doesn’t need to buy any art supplies to create it, other than a new pair of gloves sometimes.

It’s just such a shame that art work like this can only be done at certain times of the year and will only last until the vehicle is cleaned or rained on, but sometimes beauty is fleeting.

Thanks for watching.

#proboynick #dirtyart #streetart



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