‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings The Godfather Wins Best Picture: 3 days ago   34:05

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James Caan and Talia Shire are reuniting for the 45th anniversary of “The Godfather.” The cast sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer and shares behind-the-scenes stories from the Oscar-winning film directed by Francis Coppola.
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‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings Cast And Director Together For 45th Anniversary (Full) | TODAY

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Bernt Sunde
Oranges ;)
rupesh kharka
I wish at the end Al Pacino cud hav luked at robert duvall and said "tom, we got to loose him"(the interviewer).
Tarek Salah
you can't outrun father time my friends!
WISDOM vs knowledge
This interview shows why Pacino is a great actor as he demonstrates that he doesn't want to display pretentious words, like confluence & metaphorically!!

Gives Lauer the credit, then discredits himself!
Dinero is thinking "if this guy touches my shoulder one more time I am calling Ray Liotta"
Gregory Palumbo
I love all 5 of these actors. what an amazing group of human beings who brought to life iconic characters and continue to do so. And look how congenial and generous they are with each other. I love you guys.
Gregory Palumbo
dont' go into the kitchen!!!!
Where's Diane Keaton
Matt Waring
Absolutely f**ing fascinating!
John Weidman
I kept waiting for James Caan to give Matt Lauer a beatdown!
Talia Shire: (about Connie) "She was incredibly loved but not respected..." - that is a very good insight.
Rosie Zazzara
Happy Birthday Sir Brando !
Rosie Zazzara
SIR Brando was 47 years old in March of 1972 In God father 1
De NIRO is the best!!!
Does anyone see that similarity between young Duval from the movie, and James Caan now? :)
Matt Foley
I just noticed the oranges. Nice touch.
colin jacobson
james caan is just so likable.
15:00 Pacino is so cute when they brought up Dianne Keaton. I never got why they didn't end up together.
PET PEEVE: Hearing actors & directors talks about other actors & directors.
DeNiro made them an offer they couldn’t refuse
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The Godfather Wins Best Picture: ‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings 3 days ago   04:04

"The Godfather" producer Albert S. Ruddy winning the Oscar® for Best Picture at the 45th Annual Academy Awards® in 1973. Introduced by Rock Hudson and presented by Clint Eastwood.