‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings The Godfather Wins Best Picture: 7 months ago   34:05

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James Caan and Talia Shire are reuniting for the 45th anniversary of “The Godfather.” The cast sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer and shares behind-the-scenes stories from the Oscar-winning film directed by Francis Coppola.
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‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings Cast And Director Together For 45th Anniversary (Full) | TODAY

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Sekinah Eusebio
I love these people I have high respect for them. Thank you all for the wonderful, incomparable, excellent talents you had put in The Godfather. Thanks to Francis Ford Coppola undoubtedly a GENIUS.
George Alexander
He’s got me waiting in the lobby!!!
major jay
I would never had guessed Don Rickles was James Caan's inspiration for Sonny. But now that he said it was I can.
Married Wife
Duvall shouldn't be sitting at back he share equal respect same as niro n pacino may be even more he is better than both in terms of acting in my fav top 5 always
Robert Duvall hasn't aged since the 90s when I saw him with Jonh Travolta doing "Civil Case" or something like that.
nitin singh
James Caans is seriously unrecognisable off all
Mimmo Castro
Excuse me guys, this my ever first comment on youtube, but i can hold back, :-) after have lived 30 years in italy as a foreigner for my own choice, i just wanted to live the italian experience, after have seen « il padrino » in the seventies. I must say those american-italos sitting in that studio are more italian and originals than the ones which live in italy, thank you Francis to make the legend stay alive untill today. Questa gente hanno coglioni .... italiani back home sono rimasti senzi .
Vegan Vocalist
Totally fascinated by the great Robert Duvall , love all the roles Iv'e ever seen him in and he plays compassionate tender characters sooooO perfectly. Al Pacino is still a very handsome man , stunning
All Legends
Moonpie Spotlight
How's Matt today? Hooaah..
il con
James Caan needed a nap
Matthew Dwyer
My dad was the electrician that help build zoetrope studio downtown San Francisco next to the old little fox theater
rebel guy
Irish man brought me here ... the idea of de lewis, nicholson have three and de niro and pacino have 2 and 1 oscar kills me ...
Arthur de Breu
Al Pacino with a wig, De Niro has a constant smile on his face. Whats happening here?
randolph williams
look at that fake studio set....so gaudy
By the way those who are commenting here are hard core fans of The Godfather. If you only watched the trilogy once and think you know everything about it you better get out of here before you comment.
João Ferreira
omg what an interesting cast this was. The godfather is just unbelievably good. So excited to watch the Irishman with De Niro and Pacino
Round Robin
Leave the gun.....Take the cannoli.....
Je Gar
Not only they credit themselves but also behind the camera in making this movie KUDOS to that James Caan.
James Milligan
James Caan is my favorite after this nightmare
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The Godfather Wins Best Picture: ‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings 7 months ago   04:04

"The Godfather" producer Albert S. Ruddy winning the Oscar® for Best Picture at the 45th Annual Academy Awards® in 1973. Introduced by Rock Hudson and presented by Clint Eastwood.