Global Clusters of Innovation: Lessons Michael Porter: "Reshaping Regional 10 months ago   03:10

California Management Review
Global Clusters of Innovation: Lessons from Silicon Valley
by Jerome S. Engel

Can innovation and entrepreneurship stimulate economic growth in diverse communities, or is it only effective in a few unique places like Silicon Valley? This article identifies the salient components, behaviors, and linkages that characterize Silicon Valley and explores how these characteristics apply in a diverse selection of economic communities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It focuses on the role institutions—such as governments, universities, major corporations, and NGOs—play in shaping such communities. It provides insights for government policy makers on how to enhance their region’s innovation potential, and offers strategies for entrepreneurs and venture investors as to how to leverage the benefits of clusters of innovation, wherever one is located.

California Management Review
Volume 57, Issue 2 (Winter 2015)

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Michael Porter: "Reshaping Regional Global Clusters of Innovation: Lessons 10 months ago   1:09:19

On September 29, 2014, Professor Michael Porter delivered a keynote speech at Mapping the Midwest's Future, a conference held in Minneapolis and hosted by the University of Minnesota that officially launched the new U.S. Cluster Mapping tool. His presentation focused on U.S. competitiveness and cluster-based economic development, to reshape the approach to economic development in the U.S. based on a deeper understanding of the drivers of competitiveness in the modern global economy.