A Very Viral Christmas Overdue Military Letters 3 months ago   03:16

Studio C
A Very Viral Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is love, joy, and...selfies? Saint Nick may be more confused than jolly after this mall appearance.

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Cast: Adam Berg, Mallory Everton, Matt Meese, Stacey Harkey, Jason Gray, Natalie Madsen, Whitney Call, Aaron Fielding, Dalton Johnson, Stephen Meek, Tori Pence, James Perry, and Jeremy Warner
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: James Perry
Editor: Trent Woolford

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A Very Viral Christmas

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Studio C
Poor Santa...What's something you remember asking Santa for as a kid?
Dickie World
It was poop Santa
Hannah Ellis
"You're almost understanding me"
😂😂😂 this is me with my siblings
PN Glow Girls
Kaylin Lugo
Stephen face at the end 😂
How is the Elf taller than Santa? xD
Elena Jacob
Santa-Your almost understanding me

Triple jay lol

Fish & Fries 427
"You mean Christmas spirit?"
Alise N
Tripple j
panda cat juice
Triple js Jason Jeremy james
alvaro alas
lol good one
didn't they leave studio c?
MARS games
Iv never seen a mall santa I'm 9 years old :(
Nyx TheFox
I once asked a mall Santa for “Superpowers and Pickles”

According to my mom
Jennifer Gates
Poor Santa!
Yep, welcome to the 21st Century! Love it! Thanks! 😁👍
Maya Block
Sherman Jones
That was hard to watch
Harrison Fackrell
These guys *know* about the abcesses of Youtube.
Katie McAlister
That was so weird.
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Overdue Military Letters A Very Viral Christmas 3 months ago   04:46

Overdue Military Letters. A few WWII soldiers get overdue letters from home and read their mail to each other.

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Overdue Military Letters - Studio C