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ABC News on the story of Tanja and Stefan Castle, two former Scientologists who staged a daring escape from Scientology's "Gold Base" in Hemet, California.

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Chris M
Chris M
Hopefully these IDIOTS don't join anymore CULTS!
@4:00 It looks like they've cleaned up the site to wipe away any traces of those old trailers in the shot, all to support their denials (Scientolgy HQ) that any cheap old trailers were ever there.

Pause @4:00 and compare it with google earth's shot here:,+CA/@33.8380767,-116.9899314,28a,35y,184.86h,67.19t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80db6437859615a9:0x693c76f668b570c2!8m2!3d33.7475203!4d-116.9719684
Some ppl are so STUPId!!!
Cult cult cult not a relegion
Maiden Laura
cults all of them all cults and the people that fall prey to them are weak..sheesh born in Italy, had Catholicism shoved down my throat until 18..then told them and all organized religions where to go...where they say we will all go unless we follow their control???? are you EFFIN kidding me??? KISS THIS!
I dont understand $cientology's use of the cross. As far as I can tell, $cientologists have nothing to do with Jesus.
Paul Mason
How the fuck can you be this fucking stupid or is this the normal behaviour for fucking lunatics that are called americans AND THIS IS NOT A FUCKING CHURCH ITS A SICK FUCKING CULT
Palanivelu N
Fuck scientology bastards
Retired Shitposter
lol thats the news anchor from the rapist meme
7 years of hell & being forced to divorce but you STILL found your way back to each other? Now THAT'S love! May you always be as happy to be together as you were that night. I can't decided which emotion I feel stronger about your story. Happy? Thrilled? Proud? Let's go with all 3!
It's really sad that her husband had to  stage what amounts to a bizarre elopement in order to be together again. Congrats to the now happy couple.
The Gold Base is not even a scientologist compound! The government has the media lying to you people! The Gold Base is actually a secret government underground bunker for vips thats connected to the mountain! Its exactly the same as the Greenbrier Hotel that had a underground complex. If a huge natural disaster happens like an astroid or something, thats where all the multi-million dollar celebrities and government vips are going for safehaven, Its like the movie 2012.
Daniel Allen
Holy shit it's that news anchor from the photo with a police suspect sketch that looks exactly like himself.
Rapper Named Crumbs
How the fuck is this not illegal?
I don't get it , they went into Waco  But not this place , why the fbi and others allow this shit
The truth is out there and step by step awareness is being spread by so many brave excapees
Madora Pennington
I just read Janet Reitman's account of the Castle's separation and reconciliation in "Inside Scientology". What a beautiful story!!

Also, Pope David Miscavige has a long history of ordering divorces. He needs all love and attention for himself. He's a very needy little guy.

Don't forget folks, your tax dollars are financing the insanity of the "Church" of Scientology.
Believe me, They have tried, but the courts have blocked any action because of the 1st amendment.
folo,not polo
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Scientology Gold Base Rescue ABC News, Escape From Gold 1 day ago   08:27

This video is intented to raise awareness about the right to record in public. To educate the public and the authorities to the protections and guarantee provided by the Constitution of all people to Free Speech and Freedom of the Press to gather information and to disseminate your opinion and the information you gather. GoFundMe
Help fight for your Constitutional protections. When out to Scientology's Gold Base (between Beaumont and Hemet) to film the gate and see if we could encounter the bully Danny Dunigan. Offered to a few Scilon Slaves the opportunity to escape with Natsy Nathanial and I. Scientology Security false called the Police claiming we were fighting in the street. This video is for educational and training purposes and contains news worthy content meant to educate and inform the viewer ***All Person's Appearing in this video are "Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court of Law" I am in independent journalist who uses my camera to not only share my travels and to practice my free speech. I go by the YouTube handle California Guardian and my real name is Adam Kratt. I am an Angeleno native being born in Los Angeles in Southern California. I am Jewish and active I my local synagogue serving on the Board of Directors. This is a real life and unscripted educational documentary about public photograpic activity. These videos take place in various cities in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. I want to thank all of my subscribers and supporters with out all of you this would be very difficult. I also want to thank Felipe Hemming a friend and an advisor and I want to thank my Attorney Krista Hemming. It has been an honor to be part of both PINAC and Black Coat Media.
Our ultimate goal here is to educate and to make public Photography safe and not a reason for law enforcement to bother someone taking video or pictures. We love the Constitution and want our public officials to honor their oaths.