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Gabriel Iglesias
For a limited time only: watch me as a high school history teacher in the first episode of my comedy series, Mr. Iglesias -- all episodes now streaming on Netflix.

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a10 warthog
Lorenzos fore head lol
J Navas
Lots of liberal political bs. Thought fluffy was better than that. Good but Show could do without it. Everything can honestly.
Mantej Singh
Man, I love your show! But l've been waiting for it fo' I dunno,man . Release it , man por favor ! Well at least let us know when it's coming.
Kevin Smothers
Oh,Should have said We Were Soldiers
Kevin Smothers
I love it but can't share it, I know my big sis would too Were both former educators gonna have 2 get 1 of the kids 2 help with this Damn laptop. We were not career teachers but served them after our Military Duties .Go Gabe Shit even my putuation dont work now Havin new eyewear dont help either Probably misspelling every where LOL
Game Shakers :-( :-(:-(:-(
The Wild Pumpkin Pie
First episode of George Lopez 2.0
Tule Mike
i really like Gabriel,but the show is a socialist's wet dream.
anti christ
hurry up with second season
Sancho Ditherson
Grand opening. Grand closing. Chris Rock.
Pandering: Check.
Laugh track from the 90's: Check.
Politically correct: Check.
Cheetos Dust joke #39834: Check.

Me: Check out.
Skytbm Cobblestone
Petit means small
Funny... funny stuff...
Dane Hart
very nice . i hope writers can maintain this level of humor .the casts is fine , it should be a hit .
Mohd Khairul Faaiz Azman
That's the year of my birth
Mya Raen
I'm totally resubbing just for this
There'll Be another season? I have already finished the first
Stfu Trolls
jesus fluffy lose some weight man.. you be dead really soon if you keep that shit up
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TOP COMEDIANS on America's Got Talent! | Got Talent Mr. Iglesias First Episode | Gabriel 1 day ago   20:22

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