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My Thoughts On Creepy Photographers, Mistreating | Photography Mistakes You Don’T Even - At Up-Tube.com

my thoughts on creepy photographers, mistreating photography mistakes you don’t even 3 months ago   21:15

Jessica Kobeissi
just a little vlog. lots of talking.

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Squigg Monster
I haven't taken pictures in public for a long time......I hate the idea of dealing with people.
Razan Raghad
For some reason this is my favorite kind of videos in your channel maybe because I’m not a photographer you’re just funny and humble just like listening to a real person a real talk.
Corey Parsons
How about models who show up at the shoot late and have colossal egos or entitlement and rudeness? Defend the photographers too Jess
diana neri
Would you ever allow YouTube or Instagram followers who are interested in photography go with you to a shoot in order for them to practice and learn from you?
Chins Productions
People who get mad about people taking pictures have some serious issues and insecurities...i will never understand why people have a problem wth it. Its always middle aged women and older.
Derek Macdonald
You have so many of the same views as me. I would like to do more pics. It’s the one thing that never gets old with me
Anthony PC
Don't let cranky rude idiots intimidate you into rushing up what you have a right to do.

I know it can feel stressful, but the more you remember you have just as much of a right to own your place in public areas that are for YOU too, maybe that'll increase your confidence over time to just not even feel worried by random petty nuisances.

I was raised to be an extra conscientious guy about not intruding on anyone's space and never felt entitled to public areas in a selfish way. Like I'd just naturally be careful to walk around behind anyone shoot pictures if I can help it.
But now in my 20s I'm feeling more at ease about what I'm doing and not excessively worried about whatever strangers may be judging me for. But when I'm taking portraits with a girl friend I do get irked by this phenomenon of some dopey rude humans flocking like zombies to a flame around us and trying to talk up my model like she's performing for them on a pole or something...
I struggle to relate to how some brains must be operating, for these people to walk right up to a posing person like she's a statue in a museum (if they'd go to one?) and then mutter the dumb opinions of her body going through their head, and when I tell them to move away we're obviously busy here and you're being rude, they'll beg to just get a selfie.
Go to Time Spare and ask one of the Elmos or Mickey Mouse for that -- that's what they're there for.

I have few reservations now telling a guy to get lost if he's actually disrespectful. Safety is one thing to rationally evaluate.
But then, it probably makes it easier in certain situations like these to be a male with the vocal ability to make a low harsh voice which these types seem to respond to more readily.
like so: hmnnrr... OOf. GahOOOUhf. HOOwah HOOOPHF hOOHHG HAUGH HOOT!1!! Grnrrr GrrrnYOOOH GOh AUWOOFF !

(wonder if spraying with a hose would work also? it does the trick with actual dogs in heat.)
Anthony PC
2:45 O you're such a sweetheart when you go off on a tangent roasting yourself
Anthony PC
aw you got invited on a date ?
Based on this video, I feel like we could be good friends! I wish more people were as helpful and friendly as you Jessica!
Molly Hop Hop
I have never experienced this, but I live in Norway so maybe people are less angry here. Maybe they say bad stuff inside, but they at least don't come outside to yell at me. Also I try to be really fast so I can't get yelled at, haha. I've been thinking that if someone gets angry they might were doing something private/walking around naked or something, and that's why they maybe overreact if they think you get them in the photo naked in the background? Also maybe someones embarrased if they haven't been fixing the garden for a while or washing the front of the house and stuff like that. Maybe... Anyhow, I don't think that's a good reason to yell at people. If you have a good reason you can just let the photographer know the reason in a respectful way. Other than that, I love your work - keep doing great things!
Kathy Love
It breaks my heart when she hates on herself 😭 I'm no like bbg you beautiful
ChaChii Yeon
You're a good person Jess ! 😍 God Bless you always. 😘💗
Robert Jensen
Another thing I've found that makes life easier when shooting on location for fun is to switch to a camera something like the Sony a6000-a6500 with a small lens. You'll still get pro results and hopefully escape the entire confrontation.
Robert Jensen
Turn a negative into a positive when you have a homeowner complain about shooting in front of their house. Just tell them first that you're just shooting for practice or for fun, not for money or magazines, and mention that you wanted to shoot there because their home was so beautiful and would make the pictures better. Offer to take a nice photo of the outside of their home and email it to them. Leave a business card, you never know when it will lead to a paying gig.

Also handy to keep on hand is a little portfolio of your work to show them you've got talent.
Robert Jensen
Some of the best comments I've had from models I've worked with was that they said they felt safe around me, that would make my day to hear that. You have to be all business when working with a gal, especially when she's not wearing much or is nude. Think of how you'd feel in those same circumstances.

This one model, after a long shoot, told me that she didn't like shooting with photographers but that she'd had a fun time working with me that day. (that made my whole week)

I'm long retired from shooting because of health problems but even 20 years later many of the models I've worked with still call me a friend of theirs. I feel well rewarded because of that.
Josh Welch
canon ae-1, minolta x-700 so many film cameras to choose
natalia ondares
such a beautiful soul
Viktoria Bolonina
All your videos are insanely informative and real. Thank you for your content Jessica!!
Sour Eggz
People just want to be _involved_ in the process... heh. They see a camera. They have an excuse to be angry at the outside world and not inwardly or addressing their core issues.

And the model issue is - just, not that shocking. So many creative industries great muses like objects. 😰😢
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photography mistakes you don’t even my thoughts on creepy photographers, mistreating 3 months ago   07:45

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