#PopRoast: Kelvin vs Kevin hunter 3 months ago   50:47

Alexander Rodgers
#PopRoast: Kelvin vs Kevin family brawl, City girls vs Hazel E & Joseline + Reality Tea
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Janice Owens
No can of bounce...oh I'm mean Beyonce..!mao
angel hopkins
Bruh y’all is sooo funny Chris mann
Keyanna Lewis
Phaedra can't come in this house! LOL
So Chris ran from police?.....🤣🤣🤣
Yall Betta Recognize Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada are female equivalent to 50 Cent and Ja Rule they will never get along!!! LMFAO quiet as it's kept loud as it is!
Nah Joseline wasn't on the song. Chris had it correct, Hazel E made a diss track dissing young Miami her and her son and then she dissed JT you know of course being locked up and then even brought little yachty into it because everyone knows that he wrote for young Miami on the song act up so she pretty much diss everybody involved with them and then Joseline co-signed it and then Yung Miami pretty much went to war with everybody by herself... We can give Hazel E Credit compared to Joseline Hernandez considering one we can understand what she saying two at least she can stay on topic and three she's not screaming to where her voice overshadows what she said cuz I know everybody remember that video of Joseline in the studio when she was on coke screaming her head off LOL
Robokiller App I'm telling you it really works it will block any of the numbers that are similar to the last Robo number that you had received I have it on my phone that's how I can tell you it works personally
jasmyne thornton
Meager 😂😂😂😂😂
jasmyne thornton
Love love love you guys
hailey grey
Wherever Kevin /Kelvin threw down was clearly NOT Fulton county bc I don't hear anyone coming forward w/the details from the police report. That might give us the real informay-may
Saraya Knight
Did Chris watch your reading of Angela stantans book about how felon parks I Mean fraudra parks was the master mind of the whole scam?
Chris ass is as shady as he is cute lol. Love you guys together.
41:29 - Tyler Perry has acknowledged his child publicly. He announced during an interview that he had a child on the way a few years ago. He has talked about him since then. We just haven’t seen him.
Mbs Su
Chris seems so mild mannered and your polar opposite. Until he says Young Miami spoke in cursive, then proceeds to demonstrate😂🤣😂🤣🤣 I can't
Anika Ka
That's just the point, 50 isn't asking people to borrow his $, they are asking him for his $. When people don't pay up, they can't get mad when he puts them on blast. 🤷🏿‍♀️
Nikki Cole
2:18 ☠️⚰️🤣🤣
Chris looking like a whole snack on the phone. Damn.
Beauty For Ashes
"In proboscis news" 🤣😅😅😅
deborah bruce
Alex, a lot of the older artist only accept cash. Coco Taylor carried her purse and only accepted cash till the day she died!
Beychella was 2 hours!
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