Ray Liotta Calls Out Rich Eisen’s Paul Sorvino on GOODFELLAS character 2 months ago   02:38

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Paul Sorvino on GOODFELLAS character Ray Liotta Calls Out Rich Eisen’s 2 months ago   02:45

To close out this year's festival, the cast of Martin Scorsese's mob classic GOODFELLAS celebrated the film's 25th anniversary with Jon Stewart.

In this clip, actor Paul Sorvino discusses his character in the film Paul Cicero. Sorvino reveals how difficult it was for him to “find the spine of that character.” He tells the audience that “once you find that spine, it makes all the decisions for you.” He explains the intricacies of the role, describing how the externals of the role were quite easy but the real challenge was the “inner life” and the “bifurcation of the character" he strived to portray. Sorvino shares how he was so close to quitting the role, telling the audience “I’m a poet, I’m an opera singer, I’m an author, Im a sculpture, none of it is gangster” and “when i was trying to find this I was really at a loss."

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