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Cooking My Boyfriend’S Favorite Dessert! | Doing It For The First Time!! - At Up-Tube.com

Cooking My Boyfriend’s Favorite Dessert! DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! 7 months ago   19:27

Ryland Adams
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Tessa Miller
Ryland it’s NOT called a Kitchen Aid it’s called a Stand mixer
Watching this video and thinking where the f is garret
CrunchyCheeto 45
9:11-9:18 is literally just them being a married couple for7 seconds. I’m in love
zodiac cat
Tequila on the rocks, brownies from the box
Stephanie Trevizo
Ryland and Cheeto and Shane are my favorites 🥰 you guys have a blessed day
thats my sun
Imagine walking into this house😂
I would love to become friends
Nat Pleacegovegan
I just had tequila too..and i want that kichen machine tooo...!!! In pink!
I am literally making the same brownies right now as Ryland is doing it. OMFG
A Shihab
This is legit my favorite video of Ryland's. 😂 there's just sooo much going on, it's hilarious! Rewatched this video a billion times ♡
Why is no one talking about the disgusted ryland at 7:56 , it's the funniest thing ever lmao
McKenna Murray
Andrews laugh got me like🤣🤣
Mackenzies Vanity
It would be so cool to see ryland turn his channel into like a funny cooking channel with Shane and Morgan and the whole squad! You grown men need to learn to cook! Spend as much time in the kitchen as you do on your face learning makeup 💗 love you ryland!
Vasilia Kofidis
Shane and Ryland are definitely made for each other😂😂😂
The Cat, kids & me!
I love Andrews laugh lol
Andrews laugh literally ruins every video 😩
Emma’s Narley channel xx
I’m triggered 😂😭
Ava Castillo
I love Andrew's laugh 😂😂😂
Breanna Murillo
The microwave plate is upside down. That metal thing should not be in there.
Ryland : What of the nail catches on fire!?

Me: ._. Boi u good? ITS MADE OUT OF IRON!!!
Amrita Bala
these cooking videos are everything
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DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Cooking My Boyfriend’s Favorite Dessert! 7 months ago   22:23

We do things most people have done before but we haven't so its our first time I guess...

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