Cooking My Boyfriend’s Favorite Dessert! DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! 5 months ago   19:27

Ryland Adams


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Sakshi Govekar
Kity Bennett
🤣🤣 you need your own cooking channel Ryland I love watching you cook it’s brilliant xx
Cambria Girone
I’m watching this in June and I’m getting cozy Christmas vibes XD
Adrianne Zavala
Ryland is busy being Rosanna Pansino... and Shane is being troom troom... love that
Kaelyn Lehr
omg andrew is wearing a KC hat!! so when r u coming to kc to visit me andrew lol
Melissa Dawley
But seriously .... how did he make boxed brownies taste bad....
Moonlight Xandra
i just came from his luxury date vid back in their old house from 2018 sponsored by blue apron and they were going on about how they don’t have anything, now at 3:32 they’re saying the same thing in their new house 😂😭💀
Taida Torri
8:00 we do that every easter xD you clean the eggs and then paint on them. Welcome to slavic countries :D
AHH Chu Carrots UwU
Heyyy ryland just a life tip if there’s a fire in the microwave keep the microwave closed and the fire will go out. 😁
Sydney Milligram
Andrew reminds me of the laughing track in sitcoms and I love it.
Mason King
Ryland: "That's what happens when you drink tequila on the rocks while baking box brownies!"
Me: Hannah Hart is shook!
Alice Clifford
Maybe it's just me but i feel like Shane is taking a little to much of attention in his boyfriend video...
Rosie 8833
Me getting so excited cuz they have the same pink flamingo soap thingy I have
Outlaw Villarreal
I love how at 18:11 u can still see the sprinkles in his hair lmao
the amount of times I've watched this video is concerning
Brooke Jennings
You're supposed to use water OR oil...not both, perhaps that's why they tasted a lil funky ;) silly asssssss
Sabrina Fartz
obv everyone loves this vid, why didnt he make another one?
Shane is soo me but so is Ryland, Also it's called a mixer! But I'll let it slide.
Hannah Lipson
shane's new life revolves around a single egg
Hannah Lipson
the glaze was dame iceing
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DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Cooking My Boyfriend’s Favorite Dessert! 5 months ago   22:23

We do things most people have done before but we haven't so its our first time I guess...


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