Top 20 Champions League Goals 2018/2019 All 89 of Liverpool's Premier League goals 6 months ago   06:38

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What a Champions League season it was, full of amazing goals. We picked out and ranked what we thought were the best 20. Watch to see what we ranked number one.

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Corner taken quickly
Benjamin Hitterer
lol penaldo fan boys
Big Man
this is gay
Jesus Michael
well at least CR7 got 1st in something i watched today lmaooooo
Where was the Alexander-arnald free kick against Barcelona
Shell Dahl
Completely NONSENSE !!!
- almost only City and Barca
This is glorification of a certain style, and certainly not the most effective, in football!
Ivan Storey
Ronalds goal should have been number 5 or 6 not number one
Ben B
Messi: All class
Ronaldo:”gonna show off my 6 pak” 😒
Ronaldo FC
How about schone these rankings are bad
Ronaldo FC
Where's Lucas Moura goal
Ronaldo FC
I am a Messi fan but Ronaldo should be number 1 and even though I am a Messi fan I have to admit Ronaldo is doing way better
Rakatic volley was better than Ronaldo's goal
Danknight gaming
Everything was great except the Most BORING FINAL EVER.
Yash Bansal
this is a garbage video. How is messi's free kick not number one?
Shitty list, all favor to Messi and the superstars
vasques vail
What about schone vs real Madrid and how was raheem sterlin and Cristiano ronaldos goal even good at all
Chalen Jack
Groeneveld should be higher on the list
Joe Colletti
Those were some amazing strikes...but that spin move Tadić pulled-- setting up his second assist against RM-- blew my mind! Must have watched it 20 times in a row
john sosebee
Corner taken quickly?
Mike Alberto
LOL this is such a fanboy Ronaldo video.
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All 89 of Liverpool's Premier League goals Top 20 Champions League Goals 2018/2019 6 months ago   13:49

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