"Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode 1 day ago   05:06

Kitchen Nightmares

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John _
Michael is EXACTLY what I imagine Bob Belcher would look and act like as a real person
No one took his plates away?
Honestly this owner was more respectful to Gordon than other owners on kitchen nightmares
Beatrix Murray-English
Gordon : My 8 year old *daughter* can cook better than *this*

Gordon's kids : **produces flipping masterpieces and throws it in the restaurant's face**
Rick 7
Plz put season and episode in description fuckers
3:49 Ramsay: food is shit
Also Ramsay: eats another filo wrapped shrimp.

Charlie Splawnyk
Really? You want to assault Gordon Ramsay just because you cant handle his criticism? Well then DON"T ask for his help then if that's your attitude you fucking snowflake!
David Dawson
What restaurant?! I love these clips but wish I could watch the whole show. Gordon, with very few exceptions, turns things around. I'd love to see the whole story.
I almost threw up during the taste test
Mr Prince
Its all being planned..lol 😑
Marc Veldman
They want chef Ramsey to help them cause there's clearly something off about the restaurant and are always in total denial about the food and become all defensive and want to take a pop at him, if you don't want his help then don't fuckin call him.
is this the canned everything even the salad episode? :P
ty 6ie
Where’s nino??
I’m not a proponent of platting because you can disguise mediocrity with stylish platting
However if your plate looks like shit people are going to have that in their head before they even try a bite
Vamp nize
If anyone's curious.
It's season 1 episode 5
"The olde stone mill"
You can see the name on the waiters shirt.
Luigi Guizzetti
hoodie penguin
im on a serious gordon ramsay binge rn
Been Trill
The guy in the back at 0:13 is looking at the other chefs in the back like oh shit boys
What's wrong with a waiter chewing gum?
Honestly i appreciate waiters chewing gum, nothing worse than sitting down for a meal, and having a waiter with a terrible breath taking your orders.
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Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode "Please Don't Make Me Eat Anymore" 1 day ago   45:17

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