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Highlights of the Olympics set to The Script's 'Hall of Fame'. All rights go to the BBC and The Script feat. will.i.am. I own nothing. Sorry about the poor quality of some clips. Comments welcome.

Please note I only realised how Team GB centred this was after I finished it, just with the clips I had available. Every team were amazing though, both in the Olympics and Paralympics, and they and their countries should be very proud :)

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Max Garner
this song rocks
my Master's eye is 70% blind
and have been stabbed from the back when he was 17 which made it hard for him to kick with his right leg

even though he is still fighting he is now 39 trained with a lot of iranian Taekwondo world champions
he is doing Muay Thai , kickboxing , wrestling and taekwondo

he was going for the Olympics but Taekwondo is so freaking political

so i don't think thats a problem they still need a training partner ... you never know.
keep it up !
I wish you the best of luck, that'd be amazing if you got to join :)
Harry Cameron
Brings a shiver down my spine
as an american I would have put more missy Franklin and Michael Phelps. those were the two main people I was cheering for
Yeah I am :) but to be honest I only realised just how Team GB centred this was when I finished it but if i spent more time on it I'd put in more from the other countries and the paralympics too.
Thumbs up with this was what you watched all summer :)
by the clips I'm guessing you are british, right?
abo 7atem
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The Flash ⚡ Hall Of Fame Olympics - Hall of Fame 4 months ago   03:22

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The Flash ⚡ Hall Of Fame Music Video / tribute

I struggled a bit with this one. Hope it's good enough for you all. Enjoy. =]

Video: The Flash Season 1 & Season 2
Song: The Script ft Will i am - Hall Of Fame

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