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The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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Malekith 33
This episode was 10% dialogue, 90% staring and walking slowly. Wtf kind of finale was that?
luiz g
We may all desagree with the finale for this or that reason, but the series was great, and if we think that Ned Stark, played by the great Sean Bean, died on the first season, why not Daenerys on the last? Anyway, there was nobody better than Daenerys on the show, and we'll see in the next years that it revealed perhaps the best actress since Marylin Monroe to apear on the scren, Emilia Clark!
Алексей Один
David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, you failed this city !!!
Cersei: She is burning the city. Good, I never cared about these people anyway. Ser Gregor Clegane When she comes near us use your unhuman strength and shot her dragon with the last, hidden Scorpion.
Qyburn: My queen, we don't have the Scorpion here. I didn't came up with this idea.
Drogon will take Daenerys to be resurrected by the red witches! soon we will have revenge of the betrayed queen
Drogon will take Daenerys to be resurrected by the red witches! soon we will have revenge of the betrayed queen
Drogon will take Daenerys to be resurrected by the red witches! soon we will have revenge of the betrayed queen
Oğuzhan Karakaş
Dany, she must be forgive the city after that, tyrion need to beg for his sister and brother and at the end, they need to rule seven kingdom together john and Dany happy end. easy man pls wtf are you doing like that, is fucking like the most popular girl dying in the school with fell in ground wtF?!
Virginia VMoore672 Moore
longlive the king
That was garbage.
Dany was my favorite. It pissed me off how Dan & Dave assassinated her character. WORST SEASON EVER!!!!!!
Mr. All Rounder
This is the episode which start with the Got title theam and end with same
Abu jassm
The end of game of thrones is the end of my Fucking life
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Specially for the writers: shame, shame ... shame!!!
You really had to butcher GoT that way, huh?
Piero Astorino
John and Gray should have had an epic fight after John fails at killing Dany because Drogon got in the way. Gray gets killed by John thereby putting the final nail in road to Dany becoming a psychopath. Dany beheads John and Tyrion. Sansa gets the Northern houses to revolt while Jamie survived and stabs Dany by surprise in her back. Arya finds out Jamie pushed Bran off the tower and kills Jamie just after he asked Brienne to marry him. Brienne finds out and fights Arya. Arya wins and Sansa banishes her. Bran finally realizes why he dreams of himself as a dragon flying over King's Landing. He uses the dragon to stop all the weakened Kingdom's with the help of the vengeance seeking Dothraki and Unsullied. Sansa won't give in, basically as another Cersi, but Bran is so powerful the lords surrender and Sansa is poisoned in the dungeon but we never know by who. At some fitting point at the end,!Bran says, you win or you die.
ayby core
D&D i will hate you 4ever, what have you done?????? Stupid Mongos -.-
Geovanny garcia
I just can't accept this ending, this season is less than garbage.
Rubenz69 Universum d7
So I just just watched the last 2 episodes for the third time in 3 days. I just finished episode 5.
I rewatch to be sure I didn't miss anything. I'm still disappointed (even more) and it's still shit

I don't care about Bran being the king. Nono...
what doesn't make sens in episode 5 is this (according to me):

Everyone dies in the street, Arya is exhausted and almost like a veggie and vlam, Abracadashit, Pony the white horse arrives from nowhere. Bran sent it? Fuck off. it was all fire and destruction and that horse made it.

Euron. How the hell did he managed to swim all that distance (do pause when he gets out of the water) in leather suit with boots with a sword etc and exactly RIGHT when Jamie arrives and RIGHT at the spot Tyrion said?

Jamie got knifed right in the ribs and judging by the quite generous length of the small sword, it for sure injured his organs.
Yet he walks really well the stairs to go see Cersei then looks perfectly okay underground.

The fight between Sandor and Gregor:
the ceiling fall on Cersei, Greg, and others soldier. Yes Greg is powerful, however how come the entire ceiling didn't even covered all of them?
if you do pause, there are no rocks around Greg, Cersei, no rocks at their feet I mean. none.

and also, I loved Jon in past past but he sucks now with his only line "you're my queen"

i can't get over it I know
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Battlefield V Livestream | Multiplayer Gameplay Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 weeks ago   00:00

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