Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated FC Barcelona ● 30 Goals Impossible to Forget 2 weeks ago   04:18

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Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated Goals ft. Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Benjamin Pavard etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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Zlatans volley against LAFC should be here
Alisson Ramos
Assrascaeta 1
Giovanni Elizalde-Porcayo
Zlatan needs to be here for his 500th goal
Jackson jtlord
CR7 já levo essa
Coaster Central
When you make a top goals for Spetember. Make sure to take a look at IBRAHIMOVIC goal vs Toronto. IT WAS RIDICULOUS. Thanks
Jose Armando Viana Silva
Denis cheryschev is the best player of the fifa world Cup 2018
alyans evim
Quresma 👍
Junaid Desai
Salah, Messi, cheryshev are there for "moments".

Tons of better goals
Why isnt there the goal of Kucka against Galatasaray ????
Bruno_ Ferreira
Esqueceram o gol do Sornoza do Fluminense um gol que foi lindo
Mastarz K
Ruben neves ? A lot better goal than messi’s
Tito jasad
Evan Parker
Ruben Neves volley of dreams?
Lazaros mono
Séan Mc Donagh
Where's the neves volley vs derby?
0 8
cr 7
Santiago Jaramillo
El de Messi no debería de estar hay a mí me parece un gol muy normal eso lo ponen solo por hecho de ser Messi que Ascó!!!
Ismail AG
Where is di maria he did a long shoot?
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FC Barcelona ● 30 Goals Impossible to Forget Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated 2 weeks ago   15:45

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