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Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated | 33 Melhores Golaços Da Copa Do Mundo - At Up-Tube.com

Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated 33 Melhores Golaços Da Copa Do Mundo 8 months ago   04:18

Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated Goals ft. Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Benjamin Pavard etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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Comments 2072 Comments

Laili Mohd
Yess. Salah deserve it.
Hallam Cox
Riley mcgrees was by far the best one out of these but they always overlook leagues like the championship. Fairly sure one of Adam reachs and Ruben neves goals were far better aswell
Madeleine Grand
I think victor wanyama v Liverpool should have been their like if u agree
roberto moreno
Maradona celebration should have won
Mayo Hosko's Lego With Spider-Man and Elsa
This is the most disgraceful awarding of a professional sports player award I’ve ever seen. FIFA are blind as fuck, FIFA are corrupt as fuck, FIFA are incompetent as fuck, FIFA are unethical as fuck, and FIFA are dumb as fuck.

Of these nominations 8 goals are better than salahs goal. With Riley mcgree, when have you ever seen a perfectly executed scorpion kick in your life. So many bicycle kicks are wayward but bale and Ronaldo execute their bicycles perfectly. I have never seen a shot from outside the penalty box curve 45 degrees with side spin not top spin in my life besides pavard. I see goals like salahs everyday because it was inside the penalty box and had the tiniest amount of curve with a tiny amount of top spin.

1 Riley mcgree
2 Ronaldo
3 Gareth bale
4 pavard

All these players got robbed in one way or another
Samuel Janík
Mcgree should won, it was fuc*ing great
Samuel Silva
For me the winner mcgree quaresma bale cristiano... but the most undeserved win xD
Nyaminyobwe MARWA
Daniel Scarfo
I like de arrascaeta goal most.
Tbh I don’t rate pavards goal that much, like it was a great goal but it is overrated in my opinion
kevin perez
And the worst goal is for....
As a Liverpool fan i can clearly call bullshit on him winning. Riley Mcgree...accidental or not, the aesthetics are beautiful
Ian Chmil
I think pavard should have won
Mario G.
but then theirs salah...
Uje Kusuma
f*cking idiot give salah the best goal.. Nothing special..
Gaddiel Damonki
In what angel they fine Salah goal as the best want??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Crystal True
tội ác khi để salah chiến thắng
János Ráduly
Practically each and every other nominee goal was more beautiful than Salah's.
It's annoying that Salah's was even nominated - the others didn't stand a chance against his Egyptian army, yet it's clearly the least memorable goal in the list.
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer
why is the messi goal even on here? its just a normal goal
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33 Melhores Golaços Da Copa Do Mundo Puskas Award 2018 • All 10 Nominated 8 months ago   07:42

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👍 33 Melhores Golaços Da Copa Do Mundo


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