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Fourwheeler On Reaper Wheels Literally | Mud Truck Burns Astronauts Eyes - At Up-Tube.com

Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally Mud Truck burns Astronauts eyes 2 days ago   10:55

WORTH THE WATCH. YES!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous machine to drive. Imagine never losing traction ever. Instead you just till the dirt below you. PART 2 COMING TOMORROW. #GOODCONTENTGANG

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Brenon Bertrand
We can all come to the agreement that this guy is the one YouTuber you can't catch click baiting
Patrick Saunders
What the heck did I just watch!?
Bridge Riley
Those aren’t 9 foot long spikes
dino monica
Idiots..post also the video when one of this spikes flys off and injures someone...
You guys are so dum and not responsable at all...
Shnickens McShnicket
Village edeot
Adam Mcdougall
Simply WTF
Renee Myrick
Why you drinking gas
George Christine
a spinning radius will easily penetrate his body even by a simple fall
An impalement waiting to happen...bunch of idiots..
Nazar Gubenya
Someone’s gunna die w those😂
Jonas Stevenson-Mcintee
I'd like to think that it is water in that tank but u wouldn't fill ur quad with water...maybe
I've known far too many people who have died from regular 4 wheeler accidents. This is WAY too much.
I guess nobody is gonna say anything about the last few seconds of the vid...
Electronics For Fun
how are those spikes breaking off and not getting stuck in your leg?
Jorge Gonzalez
Damn I thought it was going to at least have some kind of tires. And I just posted that he was a little off. Because of this. But I didn't think it was going to be like that. With those rim's. But now after watching a little. He is definitely missing a couple of bolts and screws.
Jorge Gonzalez
I know he didn't just pour gas all over the place. Including on top of himself. And not where it was supposed to be either. But than again I should of known he was a little off. If he was going to put those types of rims on his four wheeler.
Nostalgia Man
I can’t believe you did that to that beautiful fourtrax 🥺
Mikethedirtbike I
10:55 dead
Donovan Goodacre
Abraham Candelaria
How can yes drink gas😱😱😱😱😱😷😷😷
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Mud Truck burns Astronauts eyes Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally 2 days ago   07:02

500,000 combined lumens with all 14 light bars and pods on my F350 Mud Truck Carl. ASTRONAUT WARNING!!!! All light bars are from Perform LED. www.performled.com lights for every application. Huge thanks to my wife and detroit96diesel for filming! #GOODCONTENTGANG