LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH LAMELO BALL Spire WANT 2 months ago   11:28

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We got episode 9 of HELLO NEWMANS! In this episode, you'll see Julian face off against LaMelo Ball and Rocket Watts in the Grind Session All Star Game!

The season may be over, but Julian still has to prove where he stands amongst the greats. Julian is just trying to have fun and mess around during the all star practice, but pops has something else in mind. Jamie is all over his son trying to get him focused.

Jaden is chillen in this episode, but she's hella nervous to see Julian go against all these top players. Can Julian hold his own?

BTW TOMORROW we're releasing a new show called RJ'S WORLD! It will document RJ Hampton's school year and everything that went into him turning PRO!! See you tomorrow.

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Tin Tin
Julian's Dad: No One has Swag like Me....

They're Wearing the Same thing🤦🏾‍♂️
Rhainier Padilla
The guy who said that he's overrated
Krystion Bailey
Man I guarantee if Julian was atleast 6 foot. These haters in the comments would shut their mouths 😂. He needs a better team tbh.
Emilio Flores
He too short...just hype
Jusicleide Pinto Mole
This was funny when Mello was 5'6 😂😂 Now its just sad
Nitemare Beast
Julian scoring a 70 point game his dad says HUSTLE
If Julian played in the EYBL circuit he’ll be exposed badly
Finn balor Fan
U know the drill
(Correct me if I spelled Vivian wrong)
Fat Neeger 1
Julian’s dad would prolly get mad at Julian for not getting a strike during bowling 😭😂
LPJ Productions
0:09 is the 6th grade kid raging at fortnite
Jayce Ollie
Clickbait. Lamelo never talked trash to Julian. Weak ass fool
Jovan Parata
Man their dad is a clown looks like golum with his hoody on smiling hahahaha
Eli Festus
Why Julian's dad look like Mr. Magoo
Lyric Montoya
I swear Julian’s dad has little man syndrome.
Kendrik Ortega
2:36 his father admits that he’s paying to put his son out there🤣
I dont realise how Julien is an all star
The Bigshow0005
His pull uos
sonny sorsa
His dads a punk prodigy is a shitty brand name iggnorant old ugly fuck that cant play dont even let they own kid have fun forceing shit
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LAMELO BALL Spire WANT LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH 2 months ago   14:32

LaMelo Ball and Spire took on a physical St Ed's team that pushed them to the edge during a testy game in Cleveland. LaMelo Ball distributed the ball with skill throughout the game, while Rocket Watts scored an incredible 64 points. St Ed's featured strong play from Montorie Foster and Grant Huffman.