Ned & Ariel’s New House Tour TESTING OUT FAKE MAKEUP FROM 5 months ago   21:39

The Try Guys
After a year of renovation and hard work, Ned & Ariel's house is finally finished! Watch their joys, their struggles, and their incredible house transformation from a falling down fixer-upper to a modern California dream house.

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Interior Designer Ariel Fulmer,

Living Room:
Dining Chairs -
Dining Table -
Dining Stools -
White Sofa -
Blue Sofa -
Sink -
Cabinet Fronts -

Master Bedroom:
Daybed -
Rug -
Nightstands -
Lamps -
Bedding -
Floor Mirror -
Chandelier -
Canopy Bed -

Master Bathroom:
Stools -
Faucets -
Vanity -
Tile -

Rug -
Crib -
Glider -
Bookcase -
Changing Pad -
Noise Machine -

Guest Bathroom:
Faucets -
Mirrors -
Sconces -
Tile -

Exterior Door Hardware -
Interior Door Hardware -

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

2nd Try, LLC STAFF
Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Editor - YB Chang
Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore

Comments 8105 Comments

- CallMeCrazy -
Why is their bedroom 78% of the house
Cole DeBiaso
What about the backyard?
Maxwell Anderson
This house is a god damn dream. I love it all so much, but especially the huge shower and door that opened up all the way.
Comet Wolf
Haha well we buy frickin *wine*
bts fanfics
i wish i could be this cool🥺
Vina Kusuma
Uhh man all of the white stuff just gave me nightmares. Imagine cleaning ALL of that. When it got stained, byebye. But nice house! I like the design💜
Kaveen Wickramasinghe
I just love how you guys turned this broken down house and turned it into a spacious modern house
Syanne Averina
imagine if ned stays as a chemist, and ariel as an architect. power couple.
1:40 i think the word you are looking for is a window
Ariel is a superwoman. You are so lucky Ned
Carina Gallegos
Props to Ned who was also investing in the company
Logan Meyer
When we did our kitchen remodel we got a slab of marble that was 9x5 and they said if it was bigger than 5x5 or 25 square feet it is classified to them as a continent it's no longer a island
Martin Gaming
Ned and Ariel your house looks like its a 1 miljon dollat house.i would like to live in your house
Ivana Vianca
it's beautiful. i love all of it. i love the house. you guys clearly have taste lol
we all know they put leather couch in the master bedroom so they could have sexy time and have easy cleanup afterwards :)
Regina Laciste
It looks like the house I made in Sims 4!! Now am more inspired to design
Hannah R
Their bathroom that's not the master bathroom is as big and my bedroom
15:14= is when the tour starts
The concept of "Master bedroom" is so fucking dumb. Who need a house inside a house ? how much time to you stay in that room ? It's so much wasted space...
K Rook
Make sure Wesley doesn’t get a cut from the tile one time I got cut and needed stiched
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TESTING OUT FAKE MAKEUP FROM Ned & Ariel’s New House Tour 5 months ago   13:08

Testing out fake makeup from the black market with miss Spankie Valentine. These are direct copies of existing makeup products sold at an extra cheap price- we go buy some to test out the differences and wether they're worth it or not.

Refinery 29 video on this:

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