WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO v TYSON FURY Wladimir Klitschko and Shannon Briggs 1 day ago   26:06


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Why never no rematch?
Dick Cheney
I thought the thumnail was tyson eating spaghetti
Nicholas Wade
Vitaly spricht deutsch wie ein Syrier (SHIT).
Great speech from Peter Fury
Luka Muren
S oliver looooooool
Will Smith
10.6.2019 anyone studying the greatest Brit since lennox
Bert Bonte stinks of Jew
Stephen Murphy
Jesus... this man is a very sore loser
He speaks three languages impressive
Robert Sharos
Who said "or was " between 1:13 and 1:16 to tyson being champ ?
His voice has changed alot since this
shingai mushangwe
fury is the real champ
Morgan Andred
Look at Klits face and Fury's. Some people still say Fury run this and that. He outclassed Klit and mauled him just a little bit
to get his face fucked up like that. He only fought 60 percent or something, his pants were going down all the time and beat
Klit with ease....
Sunil Kumar
Boring fight
Fev Ola
A hahahahaha whose the clown now Klitschko 😂😂😂😂😂beaten easy
jesse christian
Jesus the Klitschko camp look fucked off. Fury made them look like a bunch of boring twats . It's hilarious.
Martina Dejaquiz
that failed basketball player just might be able to beat fury, klitschko & the god almighty powerful anthony joshua, too. would not laugh at wilder any what-so-ever.
Martina Dejaquiz
bet truth is klitschko was sick of being champ.... 10 years of it. hell enough's enough. bet klitschko was glad he lost. u can't stay champ forever. i'll bet it gets tiring after 10 years.
Sunny Bunny
Peter fury the most underrated boxing trainer. I hope all the top athletes from uk go to him. He is the humble teacher and full of wisdom.
Funny, not a scratch on fury
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Wladimir Klitschko and Shannon Briggs WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO v TYSON FURY 1 day ago   04:41

http://www.HustleBoss.com's East Coast Correspondent Jared Ingrisano captures footage of former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs (58-6-1, 51 KO's) getting into yet another altercation with reigning WBA/WBO/IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KO's) inside of the Heavyweight Factory in Hollywood, Fl.

Briggs faces Michael Marrone on Saturday, Sep. 5 while Klitschko meets Tyson Fury on Oct. 24. Check out the clip for the full altercation, including scenes with former champs Michal Moorer and Evander Holyfield.