It's NFLPA Legends vs. NFLPA Disgusting! My DOG stuck his TONGUE in... 2 days ago   04:13

It's NFLPA Legends vs. All-Stars on Celebrity Family Feud! Steve Harvey has a surprise with his first question...


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Creagh Roberson
I really thought accent would be up there!
He said give me anesha for aeneas Williams...
Eddie Business
Lamar purse was correct
FlyLike Jordan
3:29 Michael Thomas a Clown for that Lmaooooo
Janel Platt
If he don't get Aeneas(A Knee Us) name right.
Steve has a habit of reading the wrong thing off the card.
rahma osman
Most of the models don't have thick thighs.
rahma osman
Shouldn't purse and wallet be in the same category?
Creagh Roberson
That ain't that DAMN FUNNY, but then you laugh! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stephen Curry
Thighs was so fucking obvious
Christian Mistian
Lmao Steve Harvey is trolling with that set up lmao 🤣
Joe M
“Awright here we go”
Joe M
“Awright let’s go fellas”
Joe M
“Awright, I was just Awright”
Orlando Joseph
My first thought was Ego.
Andrew F
Come on a female wallet is a purse. That's unfair the guy got it
iguana 91
Steve Harvey disliked this.
Kayla Bahri
But a purse is a wallet🧐🧐
Before I even clicked on the video, I knew that either Von, or Chubb was on this episode. I just had a gut feeling.
Quincy Knight
Priceless @ : 37 seconds!!!!
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Disgusting! My DOG stuck his TONGUE in... It's NFLPA Legends vs. NFLPA 2 days ago   03:07

Name something you don't want your dog to stick his tongue in...