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Motorweek | Road Test: 2016 | 2018 Gmc Canyon 3.6 L V6 Review & Test - At Up-Tube.com

MotorWeek | Road Test: 2016 2018 GMC Canyon 3.6 L V6 Review & Test 5 months ago   05:32

MotorWeek sees if diesel is still a dirty word with the GMC Canyon Duramax Diesel pickup.

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Eric Hollen
Appropriate to this video, I'm selling my 1963 VW karmann ghia coupe to buy one of these
jose zavala
Well that’s dope I see a drift car being towed 👌🏼
The drivers seat isn't wide enough for a normal size man. My leg is half off the seat with room to the door for more seat.
Dean Ainsworth
This is the worst review ever. Does this guy realize he is reviewing a truck? And the VW scandal did kill diesels in the US as VW was the only one. You go to any other continent and you’ll find a diesel, not a hybrid. The global warming folks have done a great job brainwashing.
Just get the 4 banger 2.5
guy proulx
Tacoma, Frontier and Ridgeline are all better than this Garbage Motors Crap
Okie Rider
What fucktard is racing this truck down the 1/4 mile track?
This is the second time I've seen someone misinformed about this engine.  The 2.8L Duramax is NOT related to the VMM 2.8L in the Jeep.
Jeep 2.8 CRD = 2.8L V6 built by VMM in Italy
GM 2.8 Duramax = 2.8L I-4 built by GM in Thailand.

They are completely unrelated, the only part that is the same is their displacement at 2.8L.
That white extended cab Colorado in the basic Work Truck (WT) trim is exactly how I would want the diesel. But GM only lets you get one with a Crew Cab and a short bed in the more expensive up-trim models.
i just really hope that they build a midsize suv off of these, and throw the diesel in it. further more, making an off road worthy variant. these pick ups are nice, but some of us still want truck based suvs. 4runner is amazing, but i want something from GM
I would not own any diesel even if someone gave one to me.
Jason Carpp
I want a Duramax 2.8 Diesel.
J Wagner
Where´s our good John Davis ??? i´m looking for it so farin this video... not get down to hysterics!!!
Jason Carpp
I like the performance of this generation GMC mid-sized truck, the Canyon. I particularly like the 0-60 acceleration of the 2.8 litre Duramax diesel engine. It's faster than the diesel of 30 yrs ago, even the turbo diesel engines. While diesel may not be for *everyone,* I believe that those who need a small diesel powered truck should be allowed the option. I remember seeing a few GMC Canyons with the Duramax Diesel engine near where I live. While I could do without the Wi-Fi access and internet gadgets, this is a pickup truck after all, I'd take everything else on the truck. :)
I don't care about vw's deisel emission status, I think the cars are great with real world reports of 55 miles to the gallon. They still sell them in Europe where people are smart in this respect,and drive vehicles around that get great fuel mileage with both gasoline and deisel vehicles .
Jason Carpp
I don't see diesel demand *ever* dying. It may take a hit from time to time, particularly with the latest Volkswagen BS happening, for example, but I believe that diesel will still be here in the USA for *years* to come. I'm glad to see a return of the small displacement (2.8 litre) turbo diesel engine. How well it sells remains to be seen. But I hope it stays on the market for longer than its predecessor, the Jeep Liberty 2.8 litre CRD turbo diesel, which was only on the North American market for two, maybe three years. That's *hardly* enough time for people to get to know the engine. Diesel may not be for *everyone,* particularly if you're used to driving a 6.6 litre Duramax powered GMC Sierra, but for those who don't want or need such a large truck, but want or need a turbo diesel engine, this 2.8 litre Duramax should be available for those who do. My only complaint about this Duramax Diesel engine is that it's produced in Thailand! Why?! What's wrong with producing it in North America, or Australia, or Germany? Why Thailand?
G to the M to the C...
nick B
its made in Thailand? i had no idea. kimda of a shame.
Brian Behle
is it totally necessary for a helmet while driving a 4 cylinder pickup
v8power gaming
the younger guy who works there has a drift car lol.
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2018 GMC Canyon 3.6 L V6 Review & Test MotorWeek | Road Test: 2016 5 months ago   15:38

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