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Little Sister -Red Carpet- | Quick Take: A Koreeda Close-Up - At Up-Tube.com

LITTLE SISTER -red carpet- Quick Take: A Koreeda Close-up 1 day ago   20:22

Festival de Cannes (Officiel)
Red carpet for Our little sister (Umimachi Diary) with Hirokazu KORE-EDA, and actress Haruka AYASE, Masami NAGASAWA, Kaho & Suzu HIROSE.
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BellA Loves
This film went on to be one of my favourite films ever. It feels like anyone can relate with the characters and the story itself and everything feels like an important character, from the house, to the beach, to the spirit of the father himself. It’s simply beautiful
Sam Tanaka
Greetings from New York!! I'm Japanese, so I'm really proud of the director, KOREEDA for his superb work & a great job done by 4 beautiful, talented actresses! (^^) I am a fan of KOREEDA-san's films & I can't wait to see the one, with the Family of the thieves. We lost one of the greatest, most unique Japanese actress, Ms. KIKI KIRIN last year to the cancer that she was battling for like 15 years.. We miss her very much! She had been in many films of KOREEDA-san, including this film, as she was his favorite actress whom he respects her both as a human & the actor, so he was devastated with her passing. We all know there would never be the actress like Ms. KIRIN...
adam satria
First Haruka ayase & Suzu so cute and now very beautiful.
Another girls too.
graziano trapella
Haruka Ayase sei bellissima.
sarai sempre la mia preferita.
Bohemian Rhapsody
what a beautiful sisters but ayase haruka is the most beautiful woman out there
Aaw their little sister
Sergeant Kek
Haruka Ayase the prettiest woman ever :)
Jaimie Liu
HARUKA AYASE SAMA!!!!! Ishouni Kento Yamazaki ega o tsukutekudasai!!! Sekai juu ni Ayase san was kitto top 10 kirei na yuumejin to moderu desu ne. I CAN LOOK AT HARUKA AYASE FOREVER LOL!
Ayase Haruka looks really nervous but Suzu chan is having the time of her life! :)
Masami Nagasawa & Ayase Haruka........... ohhhh my ohhh my!! My life is complete
Mateo Santiago
Maravillosa Harika Ayase. La admiro. Gran artista.
Sibyl black
Ayase Haruka is flawless!
Jay Quintana
Masami Nagasawa looks different.
Suzu-chan  Kawaii ne~~♪
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Quick Take: A Koreeda Close-up LITTLE SISTER -red carpet- 1 day ago   01:09

A brief examination of a close-up in Hirokazu Koreeda's Still Walking (2008).

For educational purposes only.