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накυиа матата
4:01 those are.... Kinder bars
Charlotte Auburn
2:50 fun fact that woman is holding the sword wrong, but not how you think
You're supposed to hold the blade much further up if you want to halfguard the blade
You are meant to weild long swords in many ways, and one of those ways is to hold it with one hand on the handle one hand grabbing the blade halfway up the sword, and use it to stab a motherfucker and peel open armour like its a nice juicy lobster

There's actually no risk to yourself if you're not a pussy, if you're holding the blade tight its not going to slip on you, but if you hold it loose its going to slip and you'll slice open you're palm
Don't half ass it if you're going for a halfguard
Always full ass it
Halo Mega construx vids
Thumb nail be me in Minecraft
destinysghost 95
I’m feeling a little risqué tonight, I think I’ll go zipper down
Amethyst Studios!
I think you could use that balcony as a baby cage. Say your baby is acting up and throwing a tantrum. Well then throw it out the window. Carefully remove the baby once it’s quiet.

4:10 is real definition of 👁👄👁
Eye Tea
@0:02 My new alarm tone
Sideline Watcher

Sorry if I am wrong but I do believe 1.....2......3.....4.....5.....6
Now where is finger #7
The test said to provide the answer rounded to two decimal places, which is exactly what the person did. But the "right answer" it gave them was rounded to three decimal places.
the fancy whale
The simplest way to describe the rose themed bed is a woman sleped on this for a year and did not want to change the sheets 😂😂😂😂😂
ducky boy
I'm in bed watching this and got a fucking heart attack from the light
xC0bra_ 3ffectx
So nobody’s gonna talk about the intro?
ᑕ.K ᗯIᑎTEᖇᔕ
The toy story photos look like there high
Zach Crawford
Woody looks like sans
KK Gold
5:30 the post before it was dark. Then I got blinded.
Rey [XPXR]
Just a lonely comment with 0 likes from Krasnoyarsk. Dat sucks.
Ben Gaentzsch
The KOKS thing doesn't even get better if you know "Koks" means coke (as in cocaine, not Coca-Cola) in German xD
I am Nobody
3:40 You... Did suprisingly well the second time.
5:23 My bretheren, prepare for death, I myself have melted.
11:46 In my country "Koks" is slang for cokaine so...
wolf child
6:00 THAT DAD MUST be an entitled parent and a voicey veteran threw a stock image attack helicopter the dads way to save that voicey veteran's stuff!!
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