Learn to make a Graduation Cap - Arts Shapes Toddler Preschool - Tracing 3 months ago   05:48

Can't wait to graduate? First things first. Make yourself a cap and strike a pose! What does it feel like? Wearing a graduation cap?

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Dan Khati
thank u very much
Anny Gonzalez
Gracias , pero las medidas ????
حبيبت ماما وبابا
Soumia Sun
Thank you
Nana Sekyia
good one there i learn it now
ridha rues
Mh Ho
manju shah
Ooo it's cool Yeh 😎
ام مريم مريم
aditya sharma
Vrushali Patil
U make it very easy
Thx for showing video
Nada Saleh
Thanks. How did you fix the thread?
Majeed Mohammed
رورو رورو
Natty Contreras
Okay gracias
Hamza Tura
Nasrin Afridi
Really helpful
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Shapes Toddler Preschool - Tracing Learn to make a Graduation Cap - Arts 3 months ago   13:29

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Set of activities helping kids to learn shapes, letters and numbers, focused on tracing.

Learn the given shape's name then try to build the shape in 2 ways (connect the dots and draw over the outline), finally try to re-create the shape yourself.

When you build the shape there is a variety of ways a shape can be build, e.g. you draw a train track, a garden plot for flowers or a chain with a hook.

In the app you'll find:
24 shapes (from basic as cicrcle, triangle or square to more complex as spirals, arrows, waves)
lowercase lettrers
uppercase letters
lowercase cursive letters
uppercase cursive letters

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