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California State University, Long Beach offers a number of distinguished creative arts programs.

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corena shelton
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Cassie Cuenca
Yay! I got accepted!

Considering I am the first comment I will provide as much information as to what my criteria and scores were. KEEP IN MIND I AM A TRANSFER STUDENT. These videos only give the average GPA for incoming freshmen, which kinda sucks.

GPA: 3.2

Major: Bio-medical Engineering

SAT score: 1600

AP classes taken: U.S. History, Language and Composition, Macro-economics, Calculus 1.
(Passed all AP tests except Calculus)

Time frame: took me TWO full years including summer and winter sessions. NOTE: (STEM majors require a lot of course work and most of my classmates were 3rd years or had to stay a 3rd year)

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