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Jake Hill Ft. Lil Pinecone - Jamflex | Jake Hill - 38 To The Face (Prod. - At Up-Tube.com

Jake Hill Ft. Lil Pinecone - Jamflex Jake Hill - 38 to the Face (Prod. 1 year ago   02:04

► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26JloX1vHxGGrGUVeMItFJ
► iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/iamjakehill/id1155655033

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run up on em like its 06
kidz ranqe

i been stacking up the mils
keep em piled in the bank

Pinecone Jake Hill
yeah we going super saiyan

farming all the GP like
im venezuelan

i been stacking up the profit
aint stopping no competition

fuck a city ima run up
in the wildy and get it
i keep it rolling
with the motherfucking squad

Leonidas kick em to the
bottom of the summit

gold wrapped around my whip
aint talking cars, from the Abyss

we been at the top
we aint ever gonna plummit
try to catch me slipping
then we sending you to lumbridge

god damn
know we had to do it to em
on the side walk
hands lock

i dont conversate
i let the bands talk

pinecone gang
we gon yell it til the end

taking over never quit
then we do it all again

[Lil Pinecone]
my gun go BLAT
My car go NYERM

iont want yo bitch
she fat

in my hood i flip dem

fuck da police
aint no snitch

Lil Pinecone
im my own shoota

only care bout da money
ima rob da jeweler

ol stank ass hoe
in my inbox

she got crusty
toes in dem flipflops

pinecone fuck yo
baby mama

yo girlfriend look
like a baby llama

talk dat shit ima
run up on em

bust dat clip
den you a gonner

i aint fuckin round
ima OG

errbody in da hood
they know me

pay up cause you owe me

trap all day its OT

Comments 1063 Comments

Lost Shadow
Pinecone gang
Shoot Ball
music video plz
official music video pls
Emperor Sky
this is fucking runescape, respect
Izeah Human
I always thought of lil pinecone looking like lil John with downs
Mr jelly jackson
Jschlatt would be proud
Alley Denny
I swear every time I listen to this it makes me smile😁 😁😊😊😊. No matter how bad of a day I have I just can’t help it😊😊😊❤️❤️. I love you jake and I love your music. Keep up the good work👍❤️💖
Dose Of Echo
When we gonna get another with pinecone
kingofmad Mefford
oyy pinecone
Jason Lee
Still listening to this in 2019
Daniel Alexander
My gun go blam my car go nyoom
Mantas Z
My car go neeeuuuu😂
Spookz YT
Never heard of LilPinecone?
Lol this is great
Bob The milk man
Pinecone: "Stanky-ass ho in my inbox, she got crusty toes & flip flops"
Me: Hol' up
Abby L
lil Mexican
Dude who doesn't love Pinecone?
but like whats ur rsn
Andrew Carns
My gun go blat my car go newm!
Jakub Papuga
Maaan u got me fucked up.
Daniel WRESTLING bro
Baby lamma😂😂😂
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Jake Hill - 38 to the Face (Prod. Jake Hill Ft. Lil Pinecone - Jamflex 1 year ago   02:21

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26JloX1vHxGGrGUVeMItFJ
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/iamjakehill/id1155655033

Follow me if you wanna:
Snapchat: JaaakeHill

Thumbnail by: https://twitter.com/6kari6ma6

Put that 38 to the face pull it you aint shit bitch
thought you were my blood, never will be, never was
run up in your sleep, fuck your dreams, no witness
thought you were my family now you're nothing to me bitch bite the



Killin these snakes with a cold straight face
38 on waist, no way you safe, no brakes

Hope that you good with the faith
I am the wraith. PRAY.

You say you wanna get me
come find me Im like
a phantom in the funeral
beside you when you sleep
dont forget about me

brush yo teeth
I know you been suckin dat dick all week
you a nasty bitch
had a devilish grin
you embellished my selfishness
shoulda dropped you in the pen
with the serpents
open up the curtains
bitch you're worthless
never deserved this
but you deserve this

a Pistol whip
never forget the grip
I flip sin to sin
i stay intricate

never sympathetic
when I called you out
you looked so pathetic
laying on the ground

beg for me
to give you empathy
I never been in your shoes
i got a lot to lose

you wanna run up on me
bitch I aint go nothing
to prove
its nothing to me
but its gonna be a lot to you

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