Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk Goals Of His Career Pavel Datsyuk Павел Дацюк 9 months ago   06:35

Pavel "The Magic Man" Datsyuk scored plenty of highlight reel goals in his career but we cut it down to what we believe to be his 10 best.


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Santeri Jakonen
All goals againts finnish goalie
Pavel Datsyuk is probably going to be one of the most overlooked players, I'm still blown away to this day by how he could handle the puck.
Сергей Пономарёв
Паша красавчиг 👍👍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👍👍👍 1000 лайков бы поставил👍👍👍
Richard Nolan
And at least half of these were in the playoffs as well - which is sadly now a forbidden word in Detroit (saying this as a Red Wings fan who was blessed with approximately 25 years of being able to watch Playoff hockey from the Wings)
Elite Advancement Sports Marketing & Media
One of the most skilled players we have seen
1:33 If that happened to me in NHL 20 I'd be throwing my controller out my window.
His rig Magee
He only tried vs the preds
Heikki Määttä
Kyllä oli ilo katsella taitavan pelaajan maaleja.
The Wings could use a Datsyuk these days.
Christopher Glendenning
When he stops playing hockey in the KHL he should be in the Hall of Fame no questions asked
Anti Communist 卐
Russia sucks
Sammy/Tracy Maggio
The epitome of NASTY in the NHL.
Brendan Price
Wow! Another datsyuk top 10
Goals video! All these new goals
Maggie Pena
Being a young kid watching him play live at the Joe is something not a lot of people will ever get to do I am very lucky thank you Datsyuk
Игорь Соколов
Dabchew 123
You know your good when you have not one but two moves named after you
Это наш волшебник)
Timothy Burke
The whole Preds D couldn’t hold him back.
That was in Chara’s prime as well Nobody does that to Chara. Crosby has a great backhand but Dats there is nothing like it.
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Pavel Datsyuk Павел Дацюк Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk Goals Of His Career 9 months ago   20:47

Watch 20 minutes of Pavel Datsyuk magic.
(Video reupload from oct)

Two Steps From Hell - Protector of the Earth
Two Steps From Hell - Never Back Down
Kick Ass - Flying Home (Extended). Cover by doctorford
Two Steps From Hell - Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
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