Depeche Mode - Deltamachine Tour Depeche Mode - Delta Machine 4 months ago   2:05:50

Franck DIEU
Depeche Mode
Deltamachine Tour FULL SHOW Strasbourg 02.02.2014

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:12 Welcome To My World
00:08:58 Angel
00:13:24 Walking In My Shoes
00:19:55 Precious
00:24:52 Black Celebration
00:29:26 Should Be Higher
00:35:19 Policy Of Truth
00:41:00 Slow (acoustic - sung by Martin Gore)
00:46:10 But Not Tonight (acoustic - sung by Martin Gore)
00:53:26 Heaven
00:57:43 Behind The Wheel
01:03:04 A Pain That I'm Used To
01:07:29 A Question Of Time
01:11:51 Enjoy The Silence
01:19:10 Personal Jesus
01:28:10 crowd
01:28:55 Shake The Disease (acoustic - sung by Martin Gore)
01:35:50 Halo
01:40:40 Just Can't Get Enough
01:46:15 I Feel You
01:53:15 Never Let Me Down Again

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David Young
I can't decide which is the more awesome crowd-participation song; Lyla by Oasis, D.M.'s Never Let Me Down, or Queen's Radio Ga-Ga (or We Will Rock You for that matter!).
Michal Majsiewicz
eksploatuja grupe koncerny
Слесарев Андрей
Aleksandrs Terentjevs
21:08 ???
Priscila Padula
Christopher Crowley
I wish sister of night was on here but theyre magnificent as always
Trains ‘N Sirens
Why does it say Behind the Wheel remx on my screen when I enter the video?
Eugeniya Leshenko
Just lolve them! Thanks for upload!

Although I really don't think acoustic/live drums suit them but that's just my blah.
martin sounds perfect as always. dave isn't in his prime anymore and was having medical issues so i can understand why he doesn't perform older songs as well. i can't wait to see them for the spirit tour for the first time. it would have just been amazing to have been alive for the music for the masses or violator tour u n u
Bravo pour cette vidéo, nous étions de la partie c'était genial à Strasbourg. Prochaine fois pour nous,le 12 mai 2017 à Nice !
Sandra Pasceri
banda espectacular!!!
Depeche Mode, merci, Bravo
Sylvie Mansuy
y love you dépêche mode je suis fan
"tain.. qu'est-ce que ça fait du bien de revivre ça.. j'espère qu'on pourra les revoir prochainement à Stras. Merci Franck pour ce montage qui est carrément génial !! et le son est excellent. A fond, on s'y re-croirait presque :-)
Carlos Alberto
Que banda espetacular anos 80 e 90 ainda bem que eu curti morram de tedio agora
Обожаю, вас, ребята! LAIK!
yannick piazza
super montage ! !!Merci de nous en faire profiter .
DM c'est UNIQUE.
Longue vie à eux et à tous leurs fans☺
Youtu beuser
Overall weak performance/tour. And Chris Eigner is the worst thing that happened to DM. It's like seeing the love of my life after so long only to find out she never fully recovered. :(
Péter Kovács
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