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Top 30 Pro Saves In Rocket League! (Rocket | - At Up-Tube.com

TOP 30 PRO SAVES IN ROCKET LEAGUE! (Rocket 3 months ago   07:12

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TOP 30 PRO SAVES IN ROCKET LEAGUE BY PROS! (Squishy Muffinz, Rizzo, Kronovi & MORE!)

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Comments 54 Comments

I apologize for the quality of some clips, this is because they are really old and we couldn't find the original clips which forced us to cut them from youtube videos.
Josh Littler
Cameron Kalivoda
@4:06 look at chat🤣
Saves of the goal line are the most satisfying thing for me.
3:34 what the hell?!
Syonix-Yusuf Alkılıc
4:49 O


Brody Heidgerken
thanks to
I now know what the song is called Invisible by NCS, thank you
Benedikt Unterthurner
Will there ever be a GoldRush again?
Kristoffer Nygren
Where is rizzos airdribble save?
Kevin Smits
Nice video, but really missing rizzo's air dribbel save which is the best save of all time in my opinion
shigari theclown
how can ı send my goal to you
Mats van Walsum
Anyone else getting chills down your spines?
_Rassim_ _
First song please
What the name song at 4:00
Whats the name song at 4:10?
Cameron White
main song from 4minutes onwards?
6:10 is not even legit
Grey God
thanks for upload man, i love these kinda videos. maybe i am the only one who loves saves more than goals
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TOP 30 PRO SAVES IN ROCKET LEAGUE! (Rocket 3 months ago   03:43

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