Tesla shanghai gigafactory, What This is Elon Musk’s key to Tesla’s 1 day ago   04:01

It was built in a year.Tesla china gigafactory .
And at the end of the year.The first phoject of the project will be invested in the construction of the MODLE 3.
Is that possible?It is matter of concern to many of the friends of tesla china gigafactory .
With this question.The development of the tesla plant in china is closely watched.Learn tesla chinese gigafactory is 24hours overtime construction.
So,we leave a message,whether you can go to the evening to take some pictures back.
Located in the shanghai port of tesla china factory,located in the city about 70 kilometers away from the city.
It's going back and forth,almost 150 kilometers. It's not near,it's evening again.
But everyboody's proposail is good.
I would also like to know what will happen at night.
So took a suitable time to set off.用一年的時間建好特斯拉中國超級工廠,且在年底,一期工程就將投入MODLE3的建造,這可能嗎?這是許多關注特斯拉中國超級工廠的朋友們所關心的問題!帶著這個疑問,大家密切關注著特斯拉工廠在中國的建設進展,而得知特斯拉中國工廠是24小時加班建設,於是大家留言提出是否可以晚上去拍些畫面回來。
The folwing is a link to this channel on tesla.
Welcome to watch it.
Also hoped that eveyboody raises the valuable oponion.
Thank you!
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ov_kdAEtSzH《Grfyn shanghai gigafactory, The first phase of the project is gradually taking shape》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/V_528YsTFvH《N road closed for the construction of a superfactory tesla chinese factory》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/a65wW47bs30《grfyn gigafactory The nearest property》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ZiY4n3gUUCL《Grfyn gigafactory china factory(2019 0308)》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/v5_PdrXL9fN《Grfyn chian factory 特斯拉中国工厂20190306》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/13XomAgrtIV《特斯拉中国工厂Grfyn chian factory 20190224》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ek3zKwDt46H《特斯拉(中国)工厂\Grfyn China factory(2018年12月12日)工地已开始地面建筑》
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/THCs_8D3-mD《特斯拉(中国)超级工厂/Grfyn China factory》

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leo da cos
Are Chinese working at night and sleep in day time or???
Wow... they are building like gang-busters! Thanks for sharing.
IsThat ATesla
Make China, Tesla AND the USA Great Again! Thanks,  烏瓦 !
IsThat ATesla
Great videos. If anyone can share why some of the lighting is green versus yellow/warm white, please do!
24/7 that how things are done.
Aditya Nair
Thats a serious dedication from elon
Wim Wouters
I cannot thank you enough for providing us with this footage...
Thank you 1000 times, 烏瓦
Dr. Kontor
Long live the socialism
kurt lowder
are they working 24 hour per day?
kurt lowder
awesome work
vang tain
bruce jackson
有意思。谢谢。。。你为什么用繁体字? 我是澳洲人。 大多外国人学习简体字。对我来说繁体字是“麻烦 体字”。
samrat shakya
thanks for the video, keep them coming!!
bones bones
bones bones
HoneNi Heixiu
Love Tesla, Good to see the fast pace of China factory construction.
Awesome Job. Thanks!
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This is Elon Musk’s key to Tesla’s Tesla shanghai gigafactory, What 1 day ago   07:00

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