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Where On Earth Is Darren Berg? | Beloved Detroit Chef Misses - At Up-Tube.com

Where on Earth is Darren Berg? Beloved Detroit chef misses 1 day ago   14:14

True Crime Daily
He made millions of dollars appear, then disappear. But Darren Berg is no magic man - he’s a con man. The "Mini Madoff” vanished from prison in 2017.

More: http://bit.ly/2Zu43r2

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Jayant T
" where is on earth is Darren berg?"
Argentina probably.
Bassplayer Marty
Sounds like Trump doesn’t it?
Ryan Beiley
Holy shit that guys my fucking neighbor. He goes by Sean now tho
DnA TV Austin and Dean
Tekashi: I know where cuh at
DnA TV Austin and Dean
Lmaoo when reddit exposed this guy and they still haven’t got him
Smokey Bear
i'd love to find this guy. i'd blackmail him for every penny he has. i'd tell him that if he pays me...he's broke, but free. if he doesn't pay me....he's broke and in prison for twenty years.
Jonathan P
These are college kids lol those kids in frats have never had to pay for anything with their own money. Not all not some but most.
Smokey Bear
$20,000 scams? what a small potatoes peckerhead. you can't even buy a decent used car for that much.
Saw him in Luxembourg
Jacob Smith, MBA
I just went to this guys seminar last week here in phx! I gave him life savings. Fml
Harrison Rogers
Lmao our fraternity treasurer tried this and we immediately caught him gotta have more than 1 guy running the account hahahaha
Blake Melkey
He was a piece of shit not a lovable polka singer ponzi schemer like Jan Lewan
He THOUGHT he could stay one step ahead and DID. Those salty balls must not taste good cry baby
They use the same B roll clips over and over again wtf bad film making 101
A bank taking a $21,000 hit is literally like someone going into my Monopoly box and taking a fake $1 bill. Theft from a bank literally is taking fake money. You could take ALL the money from the bank and they can.... Wait.... Hold up.... One sec... PRINT MORE
Jason Peterson
South America maybe?
Brent FU
Get with dope you do hard time in prisons where gangs rule. Steal 140 million go to a nice prison near an airport.
Rick David
What, y'all are jealous.

Edit: just kidding, he's a scumbag.
Knuckles 000
“Berg” hmmmmmmm
don brassco
Cant Wait For The Movie😆
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Beloved Detroit chef misses Where on Earth is Darren Berg? 1 day ago   01:25

UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2EQFtd2

Whether on a battlefield or in a bar, Douglas Calhoun could take care of himself. But one early morning in June 2017, the big guy with a personality to match mysteriously vanished.

UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2EQFtd2