Transformers - Bobby B baby Ocean's 11 Car Dealership Bernie Mac 4 months ago   03:16

George Wingate
Bobby B baby....Hehehehehehehehehehehe

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Bryan Max
Bumblebee parked next to his first car disguise. Does anyone else find that funny
Brian Nash of
Sam=all of us dumb kids...mainly boys when we get our first car.
adlers charles
@ 2:55 NEST
Victor Rodriguez
It’s custom faded lmao lol
1:21 funniest movie scene ever
Moneybags Hastings
"If I had a rock I'd bust yo head bitch." *awkward laugh*
Isaiah Tukuvaka
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Eddie Mijangos
TAlk about over killing a franchise
Jo Caroll
If I had a rock I'd bust your wtf
allan vigil
Back when life was simple
Blue Wave
1:25 Kawhi laugh
Steven Cook
Bumblebee is a great negotiator
Wumbo Jumbo
“No sacrifice, no victory”
Steven Robinson
this is my favorite type of camaro
The Bears That Scare
"Bernie Mac is dead, and that sucks" -Cinemasins
Michael R

Me if I had that job.
mustang lozano
Hey Mami oh don't be like that if I had a rock I bust your head b****
BTL 166
"Don't go Ricky Ricardo on Me!"
Would the car actually be worth 4gs ? Lol
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Ocean's 11 Car Dealership Bernie Mac Transformers - Bobby B baby 4 months ago   01:33

This is NOT MINE! This is a segment from the movie that i own: Ocean's 11. Bernie Mac plays "Frank."