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Transformers - Bobby B Baby | Ocean's 11 Car Dealership Bernie Mac - At Up-Tube.com

Transformers - Bobby B baby Ocean's 11 Car Dealership Bernie Mac 6 months ago   03:16

George Wingate
Bobby B baby....Hehehehehehehehehehehe

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The trap in the hat
Driver don’t pick a car a car picks the driver
Silas Beall
2:22 my dad dropped $500 on my first car 😂😂
Daquan B
I love how he looks around in total disbelief then says "4,000" 😂😂😂😂
Sgt Joe02
"That’s ones my favorite it drove all the way from Alabamy” 😂
K Zamora
If I had a rock I'd bust yo head b*tch! hahahahahahahahahaha
Luis Trejo
2:56 Bee (As a '77 Camero) picks Sam 😡😠
Hard to believe this was the last scene Shia & Bernie Filmed together
Michael Scofield
Thats the guy in the movie Friday 1995 , that guy fuck mrs.parker.
Nick Kennedy
Damn we miss you bernie
1:26 you can see Shia's chin tighten, that's why he kept looking the other way till the scene faded, He was fighting that laugh so fucking hard lmao
Big dummy
Uncle Bobby B baby, uncle Bobby B
Danyal Nasir
When transformers was actually good
Ashley Light
No sacrifice no victory.. hmm where I have heard that before??
Stefan Tomasi
0:28 The 40 year Old Virgin reference
Steven steven
Gijs Akkermans
Sgt Joe02
"If I had a rock I’ll bust your head bitch”
Carlos GamingStudios Animations
Trinidad Nabor
Bro with 4 grand now you can buy a nice car with everything working and rims and a system lmao
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Ocean's 11 Car Dealership Bernie Mac Transformers - Bobby B baby 6 months ago   01:33

This is NOT MINE! This is a segment from the movie that i own: Ocean's 11. Bernie Mac plays "Frank."