Basic Income: The Free Money Andrew Yang: The entire socialism-capitalism 2 days ago   14:32

Wall Street Journal
Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and other tech titans are promoting the idea of universal basic income, as a way to help citizens weather job disruptions caused by emerging technologies. Canada is giving it a try, with a pilot program that gives participants up to $17,000 annually for three years — no strings attached. WSJ’s Jason Bellini checks in on this free money experiment. Image: Ryno Eksteen and Adele Morgan

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ِAl Muddather Al-Sharji
Seriously! 11:05 Randomized trail gives you better evidence!???
Go read one paper about UBI, JUST ONE! They all say the same thing! UBI becomes handouts if you don't guarantee that the trailed neighbor doesn't get a UBI themselves! It helps the garage owner into hiring someone, it helps the waitress quitting her predatory work! it helps the couple who always wanted to start a business in their poor local community to do so because suddenly everyone who is poor in the neighborhood is a little richer now. Why doesn't the government read basic research before doing "experiment"!?
ِAl Muddather Al-Sharji
UBI is only UBI if 1-It is long term. 2-It is given to everyone in a community. The amount isn't agreed upon but some econimist think it can be as low as one fifth of the minimum wage. This "experiment" is flawed as it doesn't give people the money so they can circulate in their respective community. No matter the conclusion after watching the first 3 minutes, THIS IS NOT REAL UBI!
The interviewer has the most punchable snobby face! Couldn’t stand hearing or seeing him. Who did he game to get his job?
James Kush Wang
Andrew Yang 2020...the only modern candidate that will take us through the 21st century and be the country that leads in innovation and a country all of the American people deserves...anyone else will be more of the same...even Bernie to some extend....because they are all career politicians....
Yang Gang !!
Jim Brauer
YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND / M4A / Humanity First / Abundance Mindset / $1,000 per mo per adult / Solution to POVERTY = CASH in the hands of Parents and Teachers !!! YANG = YES !!!
Bob and his Army
"There's a possibility that it could fail" Of course, that's why it's called an experiment.
Mark Uzick
It will undermine the jobs and power of the bureaucratic parasites of the state, so they will fight it unto death. UBI is basically a welfare voucher check: just look at the militant opposition to school vouchers from the powerful teachers union; then imagine the uprising that would result in dismantling the whole health, education and welfare ruling class who want to control all this booty, dispensing it to their subjects who must suck up to them, jumping through hoops with their crazy rules dreamt up in their frenzied power trips, while allocating 90% for their own pockets.
If the state can licence our work, telling us who can earn a living and who cannot, then we are living in a prison; and as evil as UBI is, just letting its prisoners starve is an even greater evil; and UBI is a lesser evil than having the guards make them beg for slopps while taking home all the good food for themselves.
This is why we need to listen to Andrew Yang
Higinio Martell III
17k a year is too much.
Roger Pope
If this interests you, you should check out the Venus Project.
Jim H.
*In UBI America you don't look for job, job looks for you.*
Henry Zhang
The ultimate way to make most people happy is for the governments to reward companies willing to provide jobs.
Good for the puppet guy being honest with himself, the interview and editor looked like idiots IMO at that section after the Trumpty Dumpty puppet bit
Anthony Amaro
Asset prices would simply go up cost of living would go up and you would be funneling more money to the 1% simple supply and demand the more you can afford the more they're going to charge
Montgomery scott
Dr. moxley
The more the government gives the more the government controls you
How about we don't automate humanity out of relevance instead?
As a street artist transitioning to day trading, UBI would help me BIGTIME!
A Mind With Heart
People don't just "sit on" the "cushion"! The money gets spent, in the community, benefiting local businesses. It pays for child care, dentist visits, groceries, clothing, entertainment, etc. etc. etc. It creates jobs because it stimulates small business which provides more than half the jobs in the U.S.
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Andrew Yang: The entire socialism-capitalism Basic Income: The Free Money 2 days ago   05:54

Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang on calls to have a U.S. economy that has qualities of capitalism and socialism, why he decided to run for president and what differentiates him from the other Democratic candidates.

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