Basic Income: The Free Money Andrew Yang: The entire socialism-capitalism 3 months ago   14:32

Wall Street Journal
Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and other tech titans are promoting the idea of universal basic income, as a way to help citizens weather job disruptions caused by emerging technologies. Canada is giving it a try, with a pilot program that gives participants up to $17,000 annually for three years — no strings attached. WSJ’s Jason Bellini checks in on this free money experiment. Image: Ryno Eksteen and Adele Morgan

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Companies will reduce salaries right after basic income is implemented. So this is actually wage subsidy for companies
Jorge Callico
The fat blonde made a bunch of dumb decisions. Prevention being worth a pound of cure? Girls need to keep their legs together. It should be considered a crime to bring a child into a world of poverty.
Dan E L
Andrew Yang for 2020!
Destroyer Venom
One thing is the woman is fat so she spends more money then she needs to on food and she is not spending her money correctly. you dont need much meat either you should eat more rabbit meat and fish and more veggies so you dont take up space being a fat person.
hyou zan ren
Now I m ready to be spoon feed by robots on my flying couch!
Kwesi Hicks
Yang Gang 20/20
Dayton Stockwell
That future is now, I’m 17 and my rent is $1,900.
Imelda Chandra
if everyone will get some money as basic income, then who will pay this money to be distributed?

what is the difference basic income and socialism / communism?

I think this will make people to be lazy. They will think they don't need to work anymore.

and maybe there will be more drugs abuse
So if I’m ready this correctly we only need 17k a year to live well?
We really need Yang
it didnt work out well here in finland.. that huge test that they spoke of in this too
Jeremy Anderson
I am sure that nobody is selling this idea on the power of addicts to get drugs. There must be a fairly specific list of things that people think the UBI would be good to spend on. But everybody knows that handing out wads of cash doesn't mean people will spend it improving their situation the only ways the people giving them the money are willing to pay for. For example, single mom A currently works but has to choose between food and electricity sometimes. We want to help her, and we can give her 10,000 dollars for Bills and groceries and a car. She "blows it" on a family vacation, justifying everybody who said she couldn't be trusted with money. Or we pay the rent, groceries and vehicle expenses, allowing her to spend her earned income as she wants without violating the unspoken contract we all expect her to adhere to.
Milton Baker
It's interesting, because he asked over and over again, "what about the people who are going to game the system?" Has he looked at capitalism? Does he understands howcorporations, big industry, and the private sector is gaming our current system, not to mention all those that are gaming welfare and social programs we have in place already. I think the question he should be asking, "how are we going to end poverty and make sure that no one lives a life of desperation"
Allen Perry
This reporter doesn't need UBI.
This was a non story. What are the results?
Gordon Nichols
This smug reporter will be applying for this UBI Polite in next few years when a robot or app take his job. #yang2020
Elliott Miller
This program ended. Results seem inconclusive outside of a small sociological study that seemed positive , but was qualitative.
Give everyone a fish. The top 2% earners should get slightly lesser than what they're getting now.
Jeff Gibson
If automation causes unemployment, then how can 4 or 5 billion people be working today? Zuckerberg is two hundred years behind the times.
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Andrew Yang: The entire socialism-capitalism Basic Income: The Free Money 3 months ago   05:54

Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang on calls to have a U.S. economy that has qualities of capitalism and socialism, why he decided to run for president and what differentiates him from the other Democratic candidates.

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