DJI F550 Time Lapse Build Take Your Startup To The Next 2 days ago   02:46

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Take Your Startup To The Next DJI F550 Time Lapse Build 2 days ago   01:58

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Happy moments in a life of an entrepreneur. The purpose of this video is to promote entrepreneurship and to inspire startup founders around the world.
I dedicate this video to people who gave me inspiration to become entrepreneur. Some of those people are featured in this video.

Gary Vaynerchuk I could probably recite Gary's presentation from Web Expo. I watch it before my every public speech.

David Heinemeier Hansson You are my idol, ever since I've watched your Startup School presentation. I've probably generated 50k of those 100k Youtube views on this video.

Leo Laporte I spend a lot of time on the road. Your voice makes all my trips fun.

Sarah Lane & Amber MacArthur Again, you make business travel fun. I had some of my best ideas while listening to The Social Hour!

Kevin Rose I am old-school Diggnation fan. Great work with The Foundation. I watch every episode.


Shot and edited by Michal Sadowski - CEO & Founder at Brand24:

Concept inspired by "Take it to the next level" epic commercial by Nike.


Many thanks to:

Magda & Roza Sadowska - for infinite support over this and many other projects.

Asier Ríos Molina - for enthousiasm and help with a crucial shots.

Sylwia Nedziak - for music inspiration and awesome princessupport.

Karol Wnukiewicz - for constant bromance.

Aureliusz Gorski - for giving me opportunity to shot some cool scenes!

Łukasz Lergeporter - for providing me with a great workplace.

I couldn't have done it without you help!

Additional thanks to:
Supercar Club Poland
Startup Weekend:
Business Link:


I've used 4 shots from great youtube users. Thank you guys for making this happen!

Google Glass Scene:
New York Scene #1
New York Scene #2
New York Scene #3


I am very glad the majority of people likes the video. Thank you so much for your support! It's hard to describe how important it is to me!
However, there were some negative comments. Some people said it's unrealistic. Other said they are not sure that "go out and buy a sports car straight after getting VC funding" is the best message to send out. This is why I wanted to clarify some things: this is not a documentary. This is not some kind of "day in a life of a startup owner" video.

Thinking that main character went straight from VC to buy a sports car is really silly. This video shows series of events that are spread across many years. It's not easy to be an entrepreneur. Believe me, after 10 years of running my own businesses I know this better than most. But the main goal was to encourage people! Not the other way around.

It would be hard to create inspirational video by showing scenes in which main character stands in a que for Inland Revenue office, spends hours in boring Excel or creating yet another power point or prezi presentation.


Shot almost entirely on the GoPro HERO3 Black.
Music: Eagles Of Death Metal - Don't Speak

Cut & graded with After Effects.