Venezuela's opposition pushes for opening Saudi Arabia to invest $20B 1 day ago   06:49

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Venezuela's opposition is renewing its push to bring in badly-needed humanitarian aid from neighboring countries in defiance of the government and military. With the country facing dire shortages of medicine and basic supplies, more than 100 tons of US aid is still waiting in the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Embattled president Nicolas Maduro has ordered the military to block the supplies from entering Venezuela. He's called the aid a 'trojan horse' and part of a US plot to overthrow his government. In an interview with DW News, opposition leader Juan Guaido has called on the military to switch sides and put the people's needs first. Meanwhile, the stand-off over aid continues and people keep streaming out of the country. DW's Felipe Abon-dano has been speaking with some Venezuelan migrants who made it across the border to Colombia.

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This evil puppet is following his master order.
How can a street thug be appointed as president by the western imperialists?? 😂
Putin Vladimir
Criminal sanctions against the economy in Venezuela, 350 billion overall losses. It is a massacre, a devastating economic war that UN rapporteur De Zayas calls "premeditated murder".

"The humanitarian crisis is a hyperbole. Of course there is a shortage of assets, but the cause is as I explained in the joint effort of the United States, Canada and the European Union to cause chaos in Venezuela, with the aim of bringing down the government. The Machiavellian level of cynicism is unparalleled. Moreover, the term "humanitarian crisis" is only part of what they really mean and that is "humanitarian intervention" or better still "military intervention to impose a regime change"

The history of Latin America is full of right-wing coup and nothing is more antidemocratic and corrosive than the state of law of a coup. "

Who today after Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine pretends not to see what is happening in Venezuela is in bad faith and enslaved to those powers that have on the conscience millions of deaths and billions of dollars of profits for industries of weapons.
Romualdo Dela cruz
Ur military only 131thosand plus 8thousand reserve compares us military over one millions plus 9 hundred thousand reserved
Romualdo Dela cruz
Food medicines needs ur people' olds the sicks...
Albert Moore
How 'bout a massive airlift? Remember the Berlin blockade?
#IdeasFor Everyday
They have soo much land, they should start with grains,potatoes ect! Should be done 4 years ago, if not FakeFaces from usa or chinese will help you, taking everything!!! Money money!!! God safe them!
Sakinah Hur
That thumbnail photo for the video shows the truth about that puppet leader to Venezuela...

He looks completely scary and psychotic...
He looks like a demon and holding a child to cover up his evil intentions...

I would and could never trust such a person and especially how he was specially trained by the West...

With Peace Sakinah 🌹
Gary M
Feed the people 1st then have a new legal vote
Natty13 bambooklat
Lord please help the Venezuelans to defeat the wicked empire......
Mark Taylor
Have another election supervised by the United Nation and winner takes all. In the meantime time accept aid from any nation.
Levis Strauss
Un démon avec un bébé
Mohanraj Jk
Hugo Chavez was once deemed a dictator like Maduro is today. Somehow this same label is fixed upon those who oppose the policies of the US government and it's backers, namely Gaddafi, Al-Assad, etc.

The pattern is always clearer when they they try to build systems free of US influence, just like China and Russia have been doing and have consequently been labelled threats to the US and it's allies. Whether it's hacking, human rights violations or espionage, the media always reports for the US.

This Haitian uprising in 2019 comes hot off the heels of the Clintons heart-warming money siphoning project after the devastating earthquakes. And it's linked to what's happening in Venezuela.
Gwen Mallari
Libre Venezuela maduro puera from the Philippines
Arrest the traitor Guido.
juan guaido is an snake. throuw him back to israel. kill him
ABC 123
Ya just drop the sanctions
ABC 123
He should ask for the sanctions to be lifted if he truly loved his people. He would want them fed and not use the food as his tool to further his own personal goals.

The people are so stupid they gave in to US brutality and will end up in poverty for ever. They will be so screwed over by the USA.

Show me one country the US help that is better off at the end
good father
I dont understand. People are dying in hunger but still focus in politics, gold, civil war, etc... as a father focus first in feeding your hungry kids before repairing your corroded roof!!!!
Liu T
One of the guys interviewd said they need weapons? Humanitarian aid?🤔🤔
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Saudi Arabia to invest $20B Venezuela's opposition pushes for opening 1 day ago   07:09

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has signed-off on $20 billion dollars worth of investments in its strategic ally, Pakistan. The deals are a much-needed lifeline for Pakistan's struggling economy and gives Saudi Arabia a much-needed PR boost in the wake of the killing of journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Mobin Nasir brings us the story. #Saudi #Investment #MohammedbinSalman

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