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Venezuela's Opposition Pushes For Opening | Venezuela’S Maduro Facing Growing - At Up-Tube.com

Venezuela's opposition pushes for opening Venezuela’s Maduro facing growing 4 months ago   06:49

DW News
Venezuela's opposition is renewing its push to bring in badly-needed humanitarian aid from neighboring countries in defiance of the government and military. With the country facing dire shortages of medicine and basic supplies, more than 100 tons of US aid is still waiting in the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Embattled president Nicolas Maduro has ordered the military to block the supplies from entering Venezuela. He's called the aid a 'trojan horse' and part of a US plot to overthrow his government. In an interview with DW News, opposition leader Juan Guaido has called on the military to switch sides and put the people's needs first. Meanwhile, the stand-off over aid continues and people keep streaming out of the country. DW's Felipe Abon-dano has been speaking with some Venezuelan migrants who made it across the border to Colombia.
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Comments 341 Comments

Andrew A. Guerra
The terror that awaits the US troops when they arrive in Venezuela ... if they set foot in Venezuela! They will have their Vietnam and apart the guerrillas tactics in the jungle that hurt the United States so much ... poor soldiers go to a safe Death! Apart from Russia and China to finish off with the coup de grace ... US soldiers 🇺🇸 come to Venezuela you will have your Vietnam 🤣🤣 thousands of American mothers will mourn their dead soldiers sons who will never return home ... in your hand of you is to prevent an unnecessary war and all for the whim of Trump and his garbage advisers !!!
Warren Doris
The time when the emptiness of WESTERN DEMOCRACY GETS EXPOSED! Weird pic at the top of the vid! Juana Guido looks like the hyped up creep he is and the thing on the left looks like a demon!
Mick Zinn
The real president is the only one that I know the other American puppet should be shot, shame on you for wanting to destroying the country, and I believe that there is no food in them America aid only weapons so that Venezuela can be another Libya, shame on the people who are Venezuelan who want to be puppets for America
Albert Moore
It's opening borders, stupid, not "opening boarders".
This guy self-proclaimed president,nobody elected him as president of Venezuela,still the United States and many "Democratic countries" are recognizing him as President of Venezuela,The question is where is the democracy?
doremidoredo doremifasol
kyle robinson
How about a contagious disease outbreak and sick refugees invading the southern border. Would that convince Americans? The aid could be tainted. Besides they found sniper rifles satellite phones and vest in a "humanitarian'' shipment last week.
Engchoon Koay
What kind of logic does this traitor Juan Guaido is implying.By aiding a foreign country to invade his own country n calling the militry to switch side to support a traitor must be idiotic.As if he don't know that John Bolton had admitted that US intervention were solely for the riches of Venezuela not of its people.Now their humanitarian aid is part of their plot to transport arms to the opposition n the tactic was deployed by Washington in their past record wheninveding other nation.
hyou zan ren
First Stole their money and gold! Follow by starving the Country then come with Aid as a Hero?....... BRILLIANT!!!..... All we ask now is you to handed over your Oil!
kamanzi nathan
THE USA VAMPIRES ARE THIRSTY FOR HUMAN BLOOD AGAIN, from Iraq, to Afghan, to Libya, now to Venezuela.....it wont work this time.....the world is watching...........you blood suckers get your HANDS OFF AND STOP CAUSING blood shed.....
shahporan shagor
Please give all Humanitarian Aid to Red Cross...................
Don't doing any Drama in the name of That aid.....................
Wayne Fraser
Venezuela has Aid from Russia China EU. Yemen needs the Aid NOW.....
Diep Le
Humanitarian aid
should always be maintained as a genuine human suffering relief. It should not
be misused or manipulated by anyone for enhancing one’s own political agenda be
it of a nation or an individual.
Qedar Adonai
Sanctions by america and uk has caused more problems. How pathetic, mouse poop ...the usa and friends should keep the term....."humanitarian"...out of their vocabulary.. If only these people knew how stupid they sound....

Maduro is not that slow

He saw what they did to KHADAFFI , SADDAM, Noriega...
Qedar Adonai
Russia has landed a bomber in Venezuela.
That is a message.
The Venezuelan military has Russia 's support
Long Nguyen
¿De qué tipo de problemas proviene la ansiedad? Siempre mantenga un equilibrio entre la razón y la emoción ... hacia y "proteja las cosas correctas"
The Truth
Destabilized your economy and politics, then staged a military intervention to "liberate" your people and then finally steal all your natural resources and plunge you into debt that you can't ever pay off. United States Foreign Policy 101?
The Truth
US vulture has gotten itself cornered, out of which it has no way out. And so, it just continues with he same policy of immorality and deception that has now become its trade mark.
The Truth
What we notice now is the convulsions of a dying Empire whom have not given to the world a legacy of enlightening culture , but only exploitation and despair . The US is condemn to end in the sewer of history .
The Truth
America is mentally ill as a nation and always has been, committing genocides over and over carries heavy karma
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Venezuela’s Maduro facing growing Venezuela's opposition pushes for opening 4 months ago   02:35

Venezuela’s President is facing growing pressure, at home and abroad, to allow humanitarian aid into the country.

Nicolas Maduro continued to block the border crossing with Colombia where tons of food and medicine has been piling up.

Venezuela’s self-declared interim President Juan Guaido said the blockade was a crime against humanity.

CGTN’s Toby Muse is at the Colombia-Venezuela border.