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To everyone saying the music is shit, this video is a compilation of "titanic goals" where the song is from the movie Titanic. It's only there to make it more dramatic. If you have another song in mind to play over the goals let me know. Thanks
Álvaro Martínez
They havent put the 118 minute goal of iniesta that gave Spain the first world cup in history
Does anyone else find this music annoying?
Connor B
The music just got annoying
the blurry Boateng
*with Titanic music*

Well nothings sinks
Rizkyfarlian bubur
Is hencet berem la pulga
Giorgi der pro
Messi solo
Κωστας 21
5:00 this is game💣
rashid khalid
Brazilian fans celebrating a pen win against Germany how times have changed over years when once upon a time they never used to be happy with team for winning by just one or two goals.

And wanted to see 4 to 5 goals margin wins
Gideon Minjares
Watford...... lot of respect. From man united fan.
não sei
It's not a game. It's Life
Z F P Production
The idea is good. The execution of start and repeating the song is corny. Play the song from start to finish..Please.
bossulache boss
The last was the best
the titanic music was kinda annoying and cringe
Daniyaal Hanif
3:23 a master goal
fasih urrehman
Muhammad salah s penalty that sends egypt in fifa wc
Soumyarup Pal
It seemed funny though...from a brasil fan❤
Haris Mughal
Can u imagine how gotze would have felt in that moment !!
maradona goal arm xD
Guhaad Qaali
Neymar and Barcelona and brazil
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Most Amazing Solo Goals Most Dramatic Goals and Game 1 year ago   13:53

Most Amazing Solo Goals In Football

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