Germany may end mass killing of male The Renaissance - the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci 2 days ago   03:19

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Because of their lack of egg-laying, over 40 million male chicks are gassed or drowned in Germany every year. On Thursday, a court will decide if that practice will continue. Animal rights campaigners have complained about the killing of the chicks for years. They propose "dual-purpose chickens," suitable for laying eggs as well as for fattening. But fattening male chickens is a longer and is more expensive process.

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Leander Barreto
Let them (males) go free range.
Wally awesome
Stop cruelty against animals
mike 201314
We need more Z clone B, after all we are too many humans on this limited tiny speck suspended in the vast universe, bring down world population below 500 million is the only right way, that will spare over 90% of chicken lives.
edit.... let's begin with culling of useless leftist eaters.
Lord Vader
Are they all shipped to Auwchicks?
Eric Christen
The meat industry is one of the ugliest aspects of the human race. It is barbaric at best and in the future peopke will look back in disgust.
DJ Tan
... ladyboy chix... ...
Rezka Ermanda
hygiene and health of the chicken must be kept tight
Clovis SAS
That's homophobic
if you consume animal product , you have no right to say anything
Very typical of the Germans. By the way they never paid for their evils during WW2
Lazy Badger
They kill them anyway. Why take the inefficient route and feed the chicks(male ones) more for the same amount of meat.
Killwhitepigs AllOverWorld
they will kill themselves produce monkey sausage for meal
Putin 007
Humans destroy everything just like the devil because they are little devil's
Jack weinstein
Germany gassing millions of living things, classic.
la mexicana
Now males are useless before it's the strong sex now it's the useless sex the nature is well made!
Kindle Fire
Chicken Holocaust
aminu aidara
Call it whatever this is typical evil......
No one has the right to take the life from another sentient being: thats not even up for debate: Close all the slaughterhouses to be on the right side of history.

Time to wake up from the violent ideology of the current dominion behind your carnist trance: Try Vegan. Go Vegan. Stay Vegan. Time to evolve.
Wolf Gaming 2144
Yum chicken nuggets
justin Indian
It's really hypocritic as they are to die.
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The Renaissance - the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci Germany may end mass killing of male 2 days ago   42:26

Beginning at the end of the 14th Century, the Renaissance created a new type of man, triggering economic, scientific, technical, religious, social and cultural developments that are unique in history.

Never before have culture, economics and science developed so rapidly within one century as during the Renaissance. But what was the catalyst for it, what is the "Renaissance factor"? The Renaissance is an epoch unique in human history: Never before have art, culture, economics and science developed so rapidly within a single century. We search for the "Renaissance factor", that combination of influences that triggered a pivotal period in history. It is a journey through time from Ancient Rome to the Crusades and the Black Death in the 14th century, events that defined the developments of the Renaissance. We travel with Michelangelo to the major construction site that was to become St. Peter’s Basilica, to the banking houses of the Medicis and the workshop of Johannes Gutenberg. We examine some of the many innovations of the Renaissance such as linear perspective, the printing press and double-entry bookkeeping. We ask what these achievements mean to us today and how - almost half a millennium later - we continue to benefit from the "Renaissance factor." And we delve deeper with the help of spectacular reenactments and our "special investigators" - modern-day trendsetters, scientists, business tycoons, fashion designers and artists.


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