Germany may end mass killing of male Energy hunger, energy guzzlers 2 days ago   03:19

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Because of their lack of egg-laying, over 40 million male chicks are gassed or drowned in Germany every year. On Thursday, a court will decide if that practice will continue. Animal rights campaigners have complained about the killing of the chicks for years. They propose "dual-purpose chickens," suitable for laying eggs as well as for fattening. But fattening male chickens is a longer and is more expensive process.

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Wally awesome
Stop cruelty against animals
Ivan the Dancing Bear
Hahahaha! Very amusing.
mike 201314
We need more Z clone B, after all we are too many humans on this limited tiny speck suspended in the vast universe, bring down world population below 500 million is the only right way, that will spare over 90% of chicken lives.
edit.... let's begin with culling of useless leftist eaters.
Lord Vader
Are they all shipped to Auwchicks?
Eric Christen
The meat industry is one of the ugliest aspects of the human race. It is barbaric at best and in the future peopke will look back in disgust.
DJ Tan
... ladyboy chix... ...
Rezka Ermanda
hygiene and health of the chicken must be kept tight
Clovis SAS
That's homophobic
if you consume animal product , you have no right to say anything
Very typical of the Germans. By the way they never paid for their evils during WW2
Lazy Badger
They kill them anyway. Why take the inefficient route and feed the chicks(male ones) more for the same amount of meat.
Old habits die hard!
Steven Allahson
they will kill themselves produce monkey sausage for meal
Putin 007
Humans destroy everything just like the devil because they are little devil's
Jack weinstein
Germany gassing millions of living things, classic.
Sam St Amant
But Abortion is legal in Germany?
la mexicana
Now males are useless before it's the strong sex now it's the useless sex the nature is well made!
Kindle Fire
Chicken Holocaust
aminu aidara
Call it whatever this is typical evil......
No one has the right to take the life from another sentient being: thats not even up for debate: Close all the slaughterhouses to be on the right side of history.

Time to wake up from the violent ideology of the current dominion behind your carnist trance: Try Vegan. Go Vegan. Stay Vegan. Time to evolve.
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Energy hunger, energy guzzlers Germany may end mass killing of male 2 days ago   42:26

Mobility is one of the world's biggest drivers of energy consumption.
The switch to renewable energies will affect people's everyday lives. How will we get from A to B when fossil fuel reserves run out in the future? How will we fly around the globe without oil and gas?

You can watch part 1 here:

Mobility is one of the world's biggest drivers of energy consumption. The transportation of people and goods by road, rail and air accounts for around 34 percent of total energy consumption. The electrification of mobility has already begun and, as the example of Norway shows, it could be one solution - but not for trucks and industrial vehicles. Is fuel cell technology a viable alternative here? Japan firmly believes it is.

Could electrification also revolutionize air transport? Siemens and Airbus want to make aviation history here and are working on a regional aircraft with a hybrid electric drive - but it won’t work for long-haul flights. But scientists from ETH Zurich and the German Aerospace Center are working on a spectacular solution to the long-haul problem: synthetic kerosene from sunlight.

An alternative to heavy oil is also being sought for shipping. Neither electric propulsion nor fuel cells will work for gigantic cruise liners and above all for the container ships that account for a large part of world trade. Methanol, which can be produced sustainably, could be the answer and a large prototype vessel is currently undergoing trials.

In addition to mobility, digitalization is one of the great power guzzlers of the 21st Century. Streaming services, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are all increasing our energy requirements. Experts anticipate consumption will increase by around 40% over the next 12 years. Microsoft's server farms alone will consume as much electricity as a medium-sized European country. Where's that power going to come from? We have to cut back our consumption.

This will also apply to our future lives. The world's first self-sufficient apartment building is located in Switzerland and shows how you can become energy independent. The future will be in networked houses that exchange electricity among themselves.


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