How To Make a Paper Boat That How to make a paper airplane - BEST 5 months ago   11:14

paper: colour set ( read below for more info)
Size: A4

How To Make a Paper Boat That Floats - Origami
Welcome to my toturial in which i will give you the instructions for a cool paper boat that really floats. In this video I use thicker paper (colour set) which will make the boat more stable, but the origami boat will be harder to make. You can use thin paper to make it easier but the boat could break/tear sooner.
The last step may be a bit difficult. I couldn't do it the first time either but if you practice a few times you'll get it.

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Tristan Malott
boi this video sucks
navdeep gaur
I am children
Moon Gogoi
Kiky Sulistiowati Hadi
I think he can make a paper sword,it's really easy to make one
jagmohan pati
we are going to be a bit late
Sajida Naseem
Its looks very hard
cristopher 123 go
Cool i
Ryder Barrier
Neebs gaming
Krishna Dutta
pawan kumar Ambashth
Thank you CV n
F itfbnjklpojuuinjhu

Aldrin Abacial
I can't even make one like a rectangle or a square shape sooo..... i have to say its fake
Crafts Do IT
Very Nice
River Woodard
Laurie Kittle
I did it first try!! but since I only have copy paper and it's a little thick it looks like my boat went through a hurricane but Yea Me!!
Jane Swift (STUDENT)
stardust destroyer
Guys if anyone is looking for simply a decoration boat then I used traditional origami paper, it turns out a bit smaller but looks quite a bit better, for decoration
FriskPlayzROBLOX 123
i tried following the steps but mine turned out looking cute
Himadri Ahmed
Thank you
Samiksha Kotkar
Honahirahi simple step batao
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How to make a paper airplane - BEST How To Make a Paper Boat That 5 months ago   06:15

How to make a paper airplane - airplanes that fly far - best paper planes.
Como hacer aviones de papel que vuelan mucho y alto →
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I invented this paper plane.
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Paper airplanes that fly far were folded AND thrown properly.
Keep these useful tips in mind:

• Pause the video after every step.
• You can't do a part? Ask your parents for help!

• Throw with soft to medium intensity.
• The nose has to be slightly higher than the back.

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