Peter and Quagmire go to jail - Best Brian shoots Stewie - Best 2 weeks ago   11:18

The Evil Monkey
Peter and Quagmire go to jail - Best Moments#20

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EditsAreSoBadHere Lol
Bruh y’all be mad about the edit when they do it so they can’t get copyrighted
One Man Music
Tasteful ethnic humor is funny. However, I disapprove of blatant antisemitism.
Patrick Ryan
“Water seriously cold”😂
Austin Forant
3:09-3:25 I LOVE LUCY chocolate factory reference
lance gaming
1:58 funny
Hidden Mist
fuck this video & fuck your stupid fucking editing
call mesomething
3:19-3:25 is that a I love Lucy reference
The Duck Pooped In My Sardine Smoothie
100% of the comments of these videos are about how bad the editing is.
Brandon Montenegro
Where are the fucking jokes
Cavin Bob
Farmer a sells meat
Farmer b sells vegetables
What does farmer c sell?

Fking medicine
TMJhatguy Baker
Re edit and upload. We have faith in you.
The pharmacy joke is my all time favorite gag in Family Guy
Jay Patel
When did this episode actually air?
Fahad Al-ani
At least they got noticed
robert poe
MORT What a Dork! But so funny with that voice.
Alexander Forsyth
Where’s Mort in the title?
6:50 Good Shirt 👔
Sir B Kyle
Stop complaining about the editing, why don’t you look up the actual episode you fucking idiot
Your Fathers Cool
You people do realize he has to edit like this so the video doesn’t get taken down right? If you want to watch it so bad go watch it on tv or on netflix.
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Brian shoots Stewie - Best Peter and Quagmire go to jail - Best 2 weeks ago   12:29

Brian shoots Stewie - Best Moments#10